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COE Graduate Academic Services Center Now Open

Graduate students in every area of COE now have a resource center and those in the Master’s and Specialist programs in Teaching and Learning have a centralized advising office with the official opening of the Graduate Academic Services Center. The graduate center moved into offices in the 3166 suite in July and will officially begin advising Spring Semester 2012.

“The college identified a need for a specialized graduate office,” says Associate Dean for Graduate Education & Research Tracy Linderholm who points out that COE’s graduate enrollment exceeds undergraduate numbers. “Our graduate programs, both on campus and on-line, are a vital part of our mission,” she adds. The center facilitates a comprehensive graduate experience from the time students enter their program of study through graduation.

Another key component of the center’s work is recruitment for all COE’s graduate programs. “We’re COE’s official representative at all graduate recruitment events throughout the state and the region,” says Lydia Cross, the center’s director.

Teaching and Learning is the first graduate program scheduled for advising in the new center. “The center will add additional support to faculty in this one particular area,” Dr. Linderholm says, “giving them more time to devote to other academic pursuits.” The center also provides faculty support through collecting, processing, and consolidating assessment data for all COE graduate programs and provides additional support for admissions processes.

An open house is scheduled for January 18, 2012, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Faculty and students are invited to attend.  More information on the graduate center’s mission can be found at

Pictured is Lydia Cross, director of the Graduate Academic Services Center.


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