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Clinical “CAMP” a Success

Dr. Shriver at Clinical CAMPMore than 125 classroom teachers from COE partner schools representing six school systems honed their skills and shared experiences as clinical supervisors for COE teacher candidates in a day-long “camp” at Nessmith Lane Continuing Education Conference Center last week.  CAMP is an acronym for “coaching, assessing, mentoring and preparing,” four critical components of the job of a clinical supervisor.

According to Pat Parsons, Director of Field Experiences and Partnerships, classroom teachers who serve as clinical supervisors are a special group of educators.  “Our clinical supervisors tend to be the exemplary teachers and the most dedicated,” Parsons said. “They want to help mentor our teacher candidates to become the best and most effective teachers they can be during those first critical years in the classroom.” But Parsons said that being a clinical supervisor isn’t just about mentoring. “It’s a two-way street,” Parsons said. Classroom teachers find being clinical supervisors provides additional instructional assistance in the classroom, helps them stay up-to-date on the latest teaching strategies and provides a means of professional development. “Being a teacher means being a life-long learner,” Parsons said.

The Clinical CAMP provided intensive sessions on the four main topics of coaching, assessing, mentoring and preparing, and included special sessions on the “supervisory traid,” the relationships between the teacher candidate, clinical supervisor and university supervisor. Sixteen COE faculty facilitated the breakout session during the camp.       

Pictured is Dr. Marti Schriver facilitating a CAMP session. For more photographs visit COE’s facebook page


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