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Educators Learn Positive Behavior Framework at COE Conference

COE’s second annual Southeast Conference on Positive Behavior Interventions and Support had more than a 50 percent increase in the number of participants, drawing educators nationally and internationally. “The feedback we received pertaining to the conference’s practicality and usefulness to everyday professionals was tremendous,” said Dr. Eric Landers, assistant professor in Teaching and Learning and the conference director. “The goal of the conference is to ensure that every educator leaves every session with materials to take back to their classrooms,” he continued, what he terms the “Conference to Classroom Connection.” The conference was held in Savannah, GA, June 4 and 5.

School-wide positive behavior interventions and supports (PBIS) is a systemic framework for addressing challenging behaviors within schools and is part of the “Response to Intervention” triangle that is currently implemented in more than 10,000 US schools.

“PBIS is highly adaptable,” Landers said, “it isn’t a packaged curriculum or geared toward rewarding students.” Landers explained that it is a framework that focuses on the use of evidence-based practices and solid, effective data-based decision-making to improve academic and social contexts.

While Landers is pleased with the tremendous increase in interest in the conference, he said his goal is to keep future conference numbers to 350 to maintain the small feel. The third annual conference will be held June 10-11, 2013.  


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