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University Field Supervisors Get Down to Business

Dr. SheppardOne of the most critical and challenging roles for university faculty is that of supervisor to teacher-candidates, those students who are in the final stages of their training and will soon graduate and take on new jobs teaching, leading and serving in the educational field, said Dr. Ronnie Sheppard, Learning & Teaching Chair as he began a day-long workshop for faculty who will supervise students during the 2012-13 academic year. “How well our students do in the K-12 classroom, how well they serve in education is what really matters,” Dr. Sheppard said. “That’s the true measure of our success at the College of Education,” he continued.

More than 50 full and part time COE and other university faculty attended the workshop. Field placement procedures, the supervisory triad, policies and cognitive coaching were on the agenda.  Dr. Sheppard said the most important aspects of the supervisor’s job is communicating effectively with teacher-candidates, adhering to consistent program standards, providing helpful corrective criticism, modeling positive attitudes and the ability to learn from criticism, and working with other supervisors to share experiences. “Field work has to be effective or we’re not doing our work well,” he concluded.

The first teacher-candidates of the 2012-13 academic year will be placed in schools beginning in the first week of fall semester 2012.

Pictured is Dr. Sheppard speaking during the workshop.


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