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Four Teacher Quality Grants Awarded for 2013

Audrey Hobbs testing a water sampleFour separate Teacher Quality Grants were recently awarded to COE faculty. Teacher Quality grants are designed to help strengthen and deepen classroom teachers’ knowledge in their academic subjects while bridging the gap between this knowledge, teaching practices and student learning. Together, the grants totaled more than $200,000.

Marti Schriver, professor in Teaching and Learning, along with colleague Karen Chassereau and Department of Geology and Geography’s Kelly Vance, will be taking classroom teachers to Jekyll Island and the Georgia Sea Turtle Center to study endangered sea turtles and diamondback terrapins. The summer course will show teachers how to bring real life examples of scientific methodology, inquiry and technology into their curriculum. Teaching and Learning’s Lina Soares will serve as evaluator.

Sally Brown, assistant professor in Curriculum, Foundations and Reading, is working with Department of Writing and Linguistics’ Professor Kathy Albertson to target K-5 educators in Coffee County in deepening their knowledge in the area of literacy. The workshop will also give educators strategies for dealing with discipline challenges that disrupt student learning. Dan Chapman and Steve Jenkins, also in Curriculum, Foundations and Reading, will serve as consultant and external evaluator, respectively.

Robert Mayes, professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning and director of the Institute for Interdisciplinary STEM Education, will work with the Georgia Southern Center for Sustainability and science, technology and mathematics teachers in Richmond County on research involving the Savannah River Basin. Teachers will engage with scientists on research and learn how to bring this STEM content into their classrooms. The grant will also enable the STEM teachers to receive feedback on how well they incorporated STEM learning into their classrooms and the impact it has on student learning.

Sapelo Island will be the site of a week-long workshop for middle and high school science teachers studying ecology with Department of Teaching and Learning Associate Professor Missy Bennett. Working with Professor Fred Rich, Department of Geology and Geography, the workshop will give teachers an opportunity to learn about the interdependence of Atlantic horseshoe crabs and Red Knot shorebirds while learning how to create guided inquiry lessons in their own classrooms. Heather Scott, also from the Department of Teaching and Learning, will serve as external evaluator. 

Pictured is Audrey Hobbs taking a water sample during a 2012 Teacher Quality summer workshop.


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