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Professors Put Finishing Touches on Reading Journal

Reading-journalCOE’s Associate Professor Christine Draper and Assistant Professor Lina Soares, both in the Department of Teaching & Learning, have recently finished the Spring 2013 issue of the Georgia Journal of Reading. This is the first hard copy of the journal to be published since Draper and Soares brought the journal to the College of Education last year. Their first issue, Fall 2012, was published online. “The articles this semester provide strategies, tools and insights that one can utilize in a wide variety of educational levels and settings,” said Draper. “It is through these articles that one can add more to their personal teaching toolbox and find even more ways to help their learners continue to bloom and grow,” she added.

Georgia Southern University and the Georgia Reading Association are sponsors of the journal. “The articles in this publication range from literature reviews to research publications and strategies to teach literacy,” said Soares. Members of the Georgia Reading Association are provided complimentary copies of the journal, which will be mailed April 1. The website is


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