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“DIGI” Lab Gives Students State-of-the-Art Learning Opportunities

digi-lab-sizedTo keep up with technology, classrooms are changing. And so are the ways in which we learn. That’s why the College of Education designed “DIGI” lab, a learning environment that provides seamless integration of technology and opportunities to study and socialize in a group. DIGI is an acronym that represents the primary themes of the classroom design, said one of the creators, Associate Professor Julie Maudlin, Department of Teaching and Learning. “It stands for De-centeredness, Interaction with technology, Group collaboration and Inquiry-oriented instruction,” Maudlin said. “It’s designed to meet the needs of Net Generation students,” she added. The design offers a flexible classroom space to maximize engaging, student-centered learning opportunities, and provides a model of technology integration that COE students can apply in their future classrooms, Maudlin explained.

The “DIGI” Lab, housed in COE 2158, was funded through a student tech fee proposal submitted by Maudlin and Instructional Services Coordinator Michelle Rivera. The classroom was modeled after the “Classroom Next” at Texas Wesleyan University. The classroom accommodates 24 students and is especially useful for instruction in mathematics, language arts and social studies methods, but will be available to all faculty via course scheduling requests and lab reservation through the IRC. Prominent features of this classroom include:

Flexible seating for multiple configuration (small-group, group presentation, and traditional lecture).

Google Chromebooks for online collaboration on Google Docs, Popplet, Wikis, Blogs, and other multi-user web applications.

Short throw projectors (wall mounted) for maximum interaction with interactive whiteboards.

Standard Level 1 upgrade to provide multimedia access (instructor workstation with PC, document camera, DVD).

4 wallplate monitors that can be used in conjunction with two whiteboard screens to project and display digital presentations and documents.


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