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Three COE Faculty Honored with University “Focus on Excellence” Awards

excellence award winners It’s an honor for faculty to receive Georgia Southern’s university-wide “Focus on Excellence” award. The annual awards are given to two faculty in each of three categories: contributions to research/creative scholarly activity, instruction and service. While it might not be unusual for a college to have more than one award winner in a year, few can claim more than two winners, and even fewer can claim multiple winners from the same academic department.

But that’s exactly what the College of Education has done. Its faculty has distinguished itself among an already highly distinguished field of nominees to claim the two awards in Excellence in Contributions in Service and one in Excellence in Contributions to Instruction. All three of COE’s award winners are from the Department of Teaching and Learning.

Yasar Bodur, associate professor, and Julie Maudlin, also an associate professor, both won the Award for Excellence in Contributions to Service. Associate Professor Scott Beck was awarded for Excellence in Contributions to Instruction.

All three recipients will present lectures in the subject area of their award during the 2013-14 academic year. Bodur will present on “Personal Benefits of Service.” “You Are What You Do: Service as Self-Knowledge,” is the title of Maudlin’s presentation. Beck will lecture on “FYE 1410 Global Citizens: Immigration, Migrants and Farming.”

Pictured: (l-r) Yasar Bodur, Julie Maudlin, Scott Beck


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