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COE Faculty Helps Boost Undergraduate Research with Election to National Organization

Associate Professor Kymberly Drawdy, Department of Teaching and Learning, was recently elected to serve as a councilor on the Social Sciences Division of the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR).

Founded in 1978, CUR is a national organization of individual and institutional members representing over 900 colleges and universities created to support and promote high-quality undergraduate student-faculty collaborative research and scholarship. CUR Councilors are elected to three-year terms and attend yearly business meetings. Each Councilor serves on a committee to network with other individuals in their discipline and to help shape the future of CUR and undergraduate research.

Drawdy has been spearheading undergraduate research with COE colleagues Associate Professor Meca Williams-Johnson and Clinical Instructor Kathleen Tootle, by embedding action research in the special education teacher education program. Six SPED students last year looked at school improvement plans in the partner schools where they were assigned and matched the curriculum they were teaching to those curriculum goals in the school improvement plan for specific students. The students were accepted to present their research at two regional and one national conference. “Being able to conduct and use research is so important for teacher development and for preservice teachers’ impact on P-12 learning, Drawdy said. Tootle is also in the Department of Teaching and Learning. Williams-Johnson is in the Department of Curriculum, Foundations and Reading.

“I am glad to be a part of a national organization that promotes undergraduate research,” said Drawdy.

Also elected to serve as a councilor on the Social Science Division of the Council was Assistant Professor Laurie Gould, who works in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences’ Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology.


COE Associate Professor Kymberly Drawdy

“I was absolutely thrilled to be elected to the governing council for CUR,” said Gould. “Under the leadership of Karin Scarpinato (associate dean in the College of Science and Mathematics), Georgia Southern University’s CUR has done a phenomenal job of promoting undergraduate research on campus. It is both a privilege and an honor to represent Georgia Southern at the national level,” she added.


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