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Innovation Incentive Proposals Awarded


Drs. Mete Akcaoglu and Eunbae Lee

To better tailor COE’s programs to the educational needs of Georgia’s education professionals, COE is spear-heading an effort to fund unique, cutting-edge academic programs developed by faculty. “We have a strong legacy of producing quality educators and educational leaders, but we’re not satisfied to stop there,” explained COE Dean Thomas R. Koballa. “The Innovation Incentive Program grew out of our desire to institutionalize innovation, and to bring together faculty from across the College in a cooperative effort to meet the needs of our students and in-service educators in our region and beyond.”

Three proposals were funded this fall. “Digital Media and Learning: Design, Make, Play,” was developed by Assistant Professors Mete Akcaoglu and Eunbae Lee to create a program to help pre-service and in-service educators use the latest technology as a learning tool using such cutting edge technology as robotics, gaming and 3-D printing. The proposal includes creating a flexible technology space where students become comfortable using the technology, learn how to incorporate it in lesson plans and help K-12 students see how technology can help solve real-world problems. The space also will be used to facilitate collaborative research projects and to provide faculty with professional development.


Drs. Alisa Leckie and Robert Lake

Also funded was “Improving Education for K-12 Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students,” a proposal developed by Assistant Professor Alisa Leckie and Associate Professor Robert Lake to bring additional knowledge and practical skills to those working with English language learners. The final project funded in this round of proposals is “M.A.T. in Early Childhood Education,” which will lead to a master’s degree and initial Georgia teaching license for individuals who already hold a bachelor’s degree and are interested in a career as a teacher of young children. The proposal was developed by Assistant Professor Katie Brkich and Associate Professor Julie Maudlin.

“I am impressed by how each proposal took advantage of the expertise and talent that already exists in the College while addressing specific needs that reach beyond our institutional walls,” commented Koballa. Koballa said additional Innovation Incentive Program proposals may be funded in the coming year.



Drs. Julie Maudlin and Katie Brkich



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