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COE Faculty Awarded Seed Grants

The College of Education has awarded more than $10,000 in seed grants for spring 2015. The announcement was made this week by Amelia Davis, assistant professor in the Department of Curriculum, Foundations and Reading, and co-chair of COE’s Research Committee.

Two grants were awarded. The first went to Assistant Professor Alisa Leckie, and Assistant Professor Amanda Wall, both in the Department of Teaching and Learning.  The title of their project is “Bringing Language to the Forefront of Instruction: A Teacher Research Project.” The project will involve undergraduate students in research processes they will be able to apply in their future classroom settings. It will also examine the impact of including academic language into units developed by pre-service teachers across programs (Special Education, Early Childhood, and Middle Grades). The research design uses a Teacher Research approach and case study methods to critically examine instructional practice.

The second grant went to Assistant Professor Olufunke Adefope and Assistant Professor Melony Allen, also both in the Department of Teaching and Learning. The title of their grant is “A Mixed Methods Study: Exploring Student Teachers’ Mathematical Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) and Adaptive Teaching.” This project will reveal student teachers’ mathematical pedagogical content knowledge as measured by the Learning Mathematics for Teaching Instrument and how and why student teachers adapt their instruction to meet the needs of learners. The findings will provide insight about how to best meet the needs of our student teachers as they develop mathematical PCK and their capacity to engage in adaptive teaching. The ultimate goal of this study is to enhance the ways in which COE prepares teachers, particularly in mathematics education.

The Seed Grants are funded by COE. The purpose of the grants is to provide initial, or seed, funding for research proposals that support the institutional research agenda of COE, including the advancement of the college’s mission and conceptual framework commitments, and have a significant impact on the college’s outreach to P-12 and community constituents and enhance the College’s capacity to conduct significant education research.

adefope and allen

Assistant Professors Olufunke Adefope and Melony Allen

Leckie and Wall

Assistant Professors Alisa Leckie and Amanda Wall



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