Center for Educational Leadership and Service

The mission of the Center for Educational Leadership and Service (CELS) is to support the development of leadership capacity in P-12 partner schools through research and professional development activities.

The vision of CELS:

  • In collaboration with partner P-12 schools develop mutually beneficial professional development opportunities to prepare, evaluate, support, and retain high-quality transformational educational leaders.
  • Serve school-university partnerships in preparation, certification and support of coaches and mentors for clinical practice in educational leadership preparation programs.
  • Work with P-12 partners to design effective and high quality clinical practice for leadership candidate preparation in knowledge, skills and professional dispositions.
  • Work with P-12 partner schools and Regional Educational Service Agencies to create structures and procedures that meet the intent of Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC) and Educational Leadership Program Certification Rules.
  • Seek external funding for school renewal/reform and school/university education innovation in P-12 schools.
  • Coordinate action research projects for P-12 partner schools with coordinators of Ed.S. and Ed.D programs.
Center for Educational Leadership and Service • PO Box 8131 • (912) 478-5307 •