M.Ed. Internship Clinical Experience

The M.Ed. program requires students to complete a supervised Internship of 600 clock hours that begins after successful completion of Practicum. Students should select Internship sites that offer opportunities to engage in individual counseling and group work. The Internship provides an opportunity for students to perform, under supervision, a variety of activities that a regularly employed counselor would be expected to perform. The Internship Handbook offers a more detailed description of the specific requirements for individual tracks.

During Practicum students will be provided with information necessary to apply for Internship. The Internship Handbook for each concentration can be accessed from the COUN Google Community.

Students need to submit a completed Internship Application to their academic advisor no later than April 15th if applying for Fall Internship and October 15th if applying for Spring Internship. Students cannot register themselves for Internship; faculty will register students after their application has been approved. Internship applications must be submitted each semester, even if students are staying at the same site for their second internship. A list of potential sites is can be found at

Note: The Counselor Education Program does not offer clinical courses (i.e., Models, Practicum, Internship) during the summer.

Faculty Expectations for Students Completing Clinical Experiences

1. COUN students are expected to attend their Practicum and Internship site every week they are registered for the course, unless there is an official holiday for the site and/or university.

2. COUN students must complete Practicum and Internship under the supervision of a Georgia Southern COUN faculty member to ensure faculty are able to endorse students they have observed and supervised in clinical practice.

3. COUN students cannot start their clinical experiences (i.e., Practicum, Internship) before the semester officially begins. Per COGS policy, students may continue a clinical course for up to three weeks after the semester ends but the Program Director and the Department Chair must approve the extension.

4. If students are unable to attend a clinical field experience due to illness or emergency they must contact both their site and faculty supervisors as soon as possible and make them aware of the situation. Students must follow-up with both supervisors regarding the steps take to ensure continuity of care for clients within 24 hours.

Liability Insurance

While fulfilling the clinical experience requirements of Models, Practicum, and Internship, students must carry liability insurance.  Many professional organizations (members only) and some private companies offer low rates for students.  Applications for membership and student liability insurance can be obtained by contacting the following organizations:

American Counseling Association (ACA)
(800) 347-6647

American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA)
(800) 306-4722

American School Counseling Association
(800) 821-7303

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