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Teacher Education Program (TEP) Standards

The following standards of the Georgia Southern University (GS) Teacher Education Program identify what graduates should know and be able to do in order to experience success as beginning teachers; they embody the dispositions of teaching. These standards focus on factors that lead to (1) improved student learning for those who are in the changes of a beginning teacher and (2) improved socialization into the culture of today’s schools.

These standards are based on input from P-12 educators and Georgia Southern faculty and administrators as well as on studies of INTASC, NBPTS, and other professional literature that provided informed dialogue and decision-making. The Four Commitments of our conceptual framework, characteristic of Reflective Educators for Diverse Learners, are embedded throughout the standards. The alignment of TEP/PSC/SPA standards and the Four Commitments of the conceptual framework is evident on all program planning and assessment documents.

Standard 1: The TEP graduate/beginning teacher is knowledgeable of human development and supports the cognitive, social, physical, and emotional growth of all students, including those representing diverse cultural, linguistic, learning, and developmental needs and/or backgrounds. (C.1C.2)

Standard 2: The TEP graduate/beginning teacher understands subject matter with sufficient depth and versatility that allows the teacher to academically challenge and meaningfully engage all students. (C.1C.2)

Standard 3: The TEP graduate/beginning teacher plans and adjusts instructional methods and strategies based on individual needs and student achievement levels so that all students make meaningful connections with the content. (C.1C.2)

Standard 4: The TEP graduate/beginning teacher creates a classroom environment and learning opportunities that focus on engaged learning for all students, collaboratively and individually. (C.1C.2)

Standard 5: The TEP graduate/beginning teacher uses multiple forms of assessment as part of the on-going teaching-learning process. (C.4)

Standard 6: The TEP graduate/beginning teacher integrates technology and other multimedia resources to maximize student learning opportunities for all students. (C.3C.2)

Standard 7: The TEP graduate/beginning teacher exemplifies stewardship of the profession by reflecting on his/her practice, seeking opportunities to improve instruction, assuming responsibilities for his/her continued learning, and actively participating in school renewal. (C.4)

Standard 8: The TEP graduate/beginning teacher is competent in the use of the English language, clearly and accurately communicating in both oral and written form. (C.1)

Standard 9: The TEP graduate/beginning teacher fosters relationships with school colleagues, parents, and agencies in the larger community to support students’ learning and well-being. (C.3)

Standard 10: The TEP graduate/beginning teacher articulates his/her own philosophy of education grounded in the knowledge base of the profession and bases instructional decisions on these beliefs. (C.1C.4)

Last updated: 1/25/2016