Evaluation, Assessment, Research, and Learning M.Ed. (Online)

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Program begins Fall, 2017

The mission of the M.Ed. in Evaluation, Assessment, Research, and Learning is to provide students with professional research knowledge and skills needed to engage in data-informed decision making for the successful delivery of human services in a variety of settings including, for example, public schools and school districts, higher education institutions, private research and assessment firms, non-profit organizations, and government positions.

The M.Ed. in Evaluation, Assessment, Research, and Learning supports the mission of the University and College of Education by providing an opportunity for both individuals transitioning from undergraduate to graduate studies and working professionals to develop and/or further enhance their research skills and knowledge in order to meet their career goals. Offered through a fully online, flexible delivery model, this degree program emphasizes activities that are designed to promote 21st century skills including critical thinking and problem solving; collaboration and teamwork, especially in virtual workspaces; and information and communication technology literacy.

Specifically, graduates of this program will be able to:

  1. interpret and critically evaluate published research;
  2. examine various contexts, environments, and factors that influence learning;
  3. develop and implement qualitative and quantitative designs and analyze data to answer research questions;
  4. develop a program evaluation plan;
  5. report and communicate research findings;
  6. and use their applied research skills as a way of improving educational environments and other related settings.


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