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Dr. Alisa Leckie

Dr. Alisa Leckie

Dr. Alisa Leckie

Department of Teaching and Learning

Alisa Leckie is an Assistant Professor at Georgia Southern University. Her work focuses on the education of culturally and linguistically diverse students and adolescent literacy. Currently she is studying meaningful discipline-specific academic language development and the impact of ESOL endorsements among K-12 teachers. She is also working with local school districts to help them address the growing numbers of English learners in their classrooms. Prior to moving to Georgia, Alisa taught Language Arts and ESL for 18 years at a middle school in southern Arizona.


Meaningful Discipline-Specific Language Instruction for Middle School Students for Whom English is an Additional Language

The Impact of English-Only Legislation on Teacher Professional Development: Shifting Perspectives in Arizona

The Need for Speed: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Reclassification of English language learners in Arizona



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