Curriculum Submission Process

Proposed changes to College of Education programs or courses should be discussed beginning at the program level.  Once a consensus is reached at this level, the department chair should be informed of proposed changes.  If proposed changes affect course offerings or faculty workload in another department, you must notify your Department Chair. Department Chairs then must meet to discuss the proposed changes to ensure clear communication, planning, and potentially renegotiate the proposed changes.

The department chair reviews.  Once the department chair approves, specific steps are then taken to submit proposals through the University Curriculum process.

The University Curriculum process begins with completing the specific forms needed for the proposed changes.  You may download all curriculum forms as well as the step-by-step instructions for completing the forms using the link below, University Curriculum Forms.

Depending on the situation, the proposed changes may need USG, PSC, and/or SACSCOC approvals.  Please see the Provost website or contact an Associate Dean for information.

You will find procedure guidelines and helpful links below for each specific curriculum change. For questions, contact Lisa Wilson in the College of Education at 912-478-5200.


Procedure for new programs
Procedure for new courses; course revisions and program of study revisions
Procedure for substantive change to an existing program

Helpful Links 

University Curriculum Forms (**Please follow form instructions carefully**)
Directions for inserting a Program of Study (into a Proposed, New, Revised…Program curriculum form)
COE Departmental Course Outline (the COE requires this form with all new courses in addition to the university’s new course form)
COE Curriculum Committee Dates and Deadlines


Last updated: 9/4/2015

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