Program of Study & Degree Audit

A Degree Completion Requirement

DegreeWorks – All students admitted Fall 2010 or after.

DegreeWorks is a degree auditing system. It is a web-based program that provides easy access for students and advisors to track courses completed and plan for those still needed in preparation for registration and graduation. It allows for easier, more efficient advising and it assists advisors in tracking meetings. DegreeWorks should be used to enhance face-to-face advisement meetings. Using DegreeWorks will help students and the University with planning needs. DegreeWorks functions can be used similarly for Undergraduate and Graduate students. Information is the same for both unless otherwise noted. DegreeWorks Information

Students access DegreeWorks by logging into their MyGeorgiaSouthern account. Click the WINGS option. Choose the Student Records tab, then click DegreeWorks. Choose DegreeWorks again to view the program audit.

Faculty access DegreeWorks by logging into their MyGeorgiaSouthern account. Click the WINGS option. Choose the Faculty Services tab, then click the Advisor Menu option. Choose DegreeWorks, select the current term, then enter the student’s Eagle ID and submit. If faculty members do not have access to DegreeWorks, please complete the training available at this link.

Program of Study (POS) – All students admitted prior to Fall 2010.

Every degree seeking student who began the degree program prior to Fall 2010 must file with the College of Graduate Studies a Program of Study, a formal list of the courses the student intends to take to fulfill the requirements of the degree. Please see the College of Graduate Studies web site page to locate your specific degree program of study- The program of study should consist solely of courses directly related to the degree. Undergraduate courses may not be included on the Program of Study. Students in a degree program in which the requirements are the same as those under the 2010 – 2011 catalog may use DegreeWorks to document the degree completion if they so choose.

Changes in Degree Works or POS

If changes need to be made to the Program of Study or DegreeWorks program audit, submit an Amended Program of Study Form to the College of Graduate Studies for approval. (The Amended Program of Study is a web-based form available on the forms page of the COGS website)

Last updated: 4/7/2017

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