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Innovation Studio

The Innovation Studio is a MakerSpace at Georgia Southern University located in Statesboro, Georgia.

The Studio serves teachers, students, faculty, staff, youth, and local community members. In the studio we strive to foster a culture of innovation and prepare future leaders to learn, make, and play with cutting edge technologies, while they seek solutions to real world problems.  Please click the photo to view our full website.


The Innovation Studio in the College of Education at Georgia Southern University invites schools to submit a proposal to win a Makerbot Replicator Desktop 3D printer. We are looking for the school that presents the strongest proposal for integrating 3D printing into their educational activities including expected student learning outcomes, collaboration, service, and sustainability. There is only one 3D printer available, so there can only be one winner. Please reference the rubric (below) to guide you in writing the proposal.

  • Who can submit? Educators and administrators who are employed by an area* P-12 public educational institution.
  • What makes a good proposal? Please write a 5-7 page proposal covering all the aspects detailed in the rubric** (see below).
  • When to submit? All proposals must be submitted by 5 p.m. (ET) on Friday, November 18, 2016, prior to Thanksgiving break.
  • How to submit? Email completed proposals to
  • When will I learn about the results? The winner will be announced on Monday, December 12, 2016.
  • Who do I contact for questions? Send inquiries to


Criteria Description Score
Cover Page
  • Provide name of the school and applicant(s).
  • Provide an overview of your school including some basic background information such as number of students, student-teacher ratio.
Executive Summary
  • Summarize the transformation you would like to see in your students, how 3D printer can facilitate the transformation, the specific teaching and learning problems that 3D printer will address, the key activities that you will be enabled to integrate, and how you will evaluate the success of this integration.
Content Integration Plan
  • Detailed plan of how the equipment will be integrated into the school curriculum to support interdisciplinary content learning (e.g., Math, Geography, History, Art, etc.). AND Detailed plan to provide students with hands-on learning experiences.
  • Detailed plan for learning to use the equipment as well as designing and developing learning experiences.
Expected Student Learning Outcomes (Skill, Knowledge, Attitude)
  • Detailed list of expected learning outcomes aligned with Georgia Performance or Common Core Standards.
  • Detailed plan to assess impact (learning outcomes).
Collaboration Plan
  • Letter of support from the administration
  • Detailed plan to work with the school faculty and staff
Sustainability Plan
  • Detailed and feasible plan to maintain the the equipment (including supplies).
  • Detailed 3-year plan to maintain instructional usage of the equipment.
Dissemination and Service
  • Detailed plan to deliver professional development workshops to other teachers in and outside of school. OR present the work at regional or national venues.


*”Area schools” are defined as a school within approximately 100 miles of Georgia Southern University.

Upcoming Events

The Innovation Studio will offer a Digital Media and Learning Summer Institute for teachers, STEM education for pre-service teachers, summer camps for children, professional development for faculty and staff, and invites interdisciplinary collaboratives. The Summer Institute dates for 2017 are forthcoming.

Featured Faculty

Mete Akcaoglu photo

Dr. Mete Akcaoglu

  • Assistant Professor in the College of Education Leadership Technology, and Human Development Department.
  • Co Founder of the Innovation Studio in 2015


Eunbae Lee photo

Dr. Eunbae Lee

  • Assistant Professor in the College of Education Leadership Technology, and Human Development Department.
  • Co Founder of the Innovation Studio in 2015
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