The Application Process

How do I apply to graduate school?

For complete information about applying to graduate school programs go to and click on the program that you are interested in.

What are qualifications for acceptance to graduate school?

A complete list of requirements can be found at if you click on the program you are interested in.

What is the statement of purpose?

The Statement of Purpose is a personal narrative addressing your academic and professional goals and why you are seeking instruction in your chosen graduate program. The narrative should include a description of your expectations of the program. A copy of the application can be found at

Can I register if my immunizations are not up to date?
How often do you accept students for admissions?

Students are accepted every semester for admission to graduate school. Check the program you are interested in for their admission schedule at

Do you accept transfer credit from other universities?

Your academic advisor will make the decision as to whether or not courses taken at another institution can count toward your program of study. If your academic advisor agrees that you can transfer credit, there is a maximum allowance of 6 hours of transfer credit for graduate courses with the following limitations:
• The institution offers the graduate degree program for which the student has been admitted at Georgia Southern University. (Not required for transfer of ACE transcript
• An official transcript is sent directly to the College of Graduate Studies from the institution in which the graduate work was taken.
• The credit was earned no more than 7 years prior to the date of completion of the graduate degree.

RAN’s and Registration

How can I get my RAN?

New graduate students will receive the RAN (registration access number) in your letter of acceptance. Continuing graduate students will receive the RAN via the Georgia Southern WINGS account.

When will I get my RAN for next semester?

You will receive your RAN through your Georgia Southern University WINGS account about a week before registration begins.

When can I register for classes for next semester?

Registration for Spring courses usually occurs around the third week of October. Registration for Summer and Fall courses is in February. For the exact dates, check the University academic calendar at

When is late registration over?

The date for late registration can be found on the University calendar at

How was I supposed to know the course is only offered in the summer?

It is important for each student to have a Program of Study and use the course rotation information on each program’s web page to determine when each course will be available.

How do I know when and where the courses will be offered?

Each program home page lists a course rotation schedule. The links to each program can be found at the Leadership, Technology, and Human Development (LTHD) home page

Does it matter in what order I take my courses?

You need to contact your academic advisor because some programs do have required sequences.

Will classes that I have already taken be accepted as credit for any of the classes required?

The answer to that will be determined by your academic advisor. You will be assigned an advisor once you have been admitted to a program.

Financial Aid and Assistantships

Is there financial aid and how do I find out about it?

There are some graduate assistantships available (see the listing on the College of Graduate Studies)
There is also an office of financial aid (
which you can contact for detailed information on financial aid.

Do you have scholarships?

Yes, for a listing of College of Education scholarships, go to

Can I get a graduate assistantship if I’m a provisional student?

No, only students holding regular admission are eligible for assistantships.

Additional Questions

I got my email account but where do I go on the university website to use it?

You can access your student e-mail account and receive important notices from the university at MyGeorgiaSouthern (

Where do my online courses meet?

Online courses at Georgia Southern University can be accessed from the University homepage ( Click on MyGeorgiaSouthern Once you have logged on to MyGeorgiaSouthern, select Folio or GoVIEW (for students in Georgia-On-My-Line programs) and you will see a listing of all of your current online courses.

Last updated: 5/13/2016

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