Partnership Council


The Partnership Council is an advisory body in the College of Education. The Council is committed to the simultaneous renewal of schools and educator preparation programs. Members are responsible for keeping their departments, program areas, and school systems informed.

Statement of Purpose:

The Georgia Southern School-University Partnership Network provides P-12 and university educators, teacher candidates, and community representatives and organizations the opportunity to learn from each other and work collaboratively to enhance educational opportunities in Southeast Georgia. In our efforts to continuously work toward this goal, members of the Network participate in a wide range of pedagogical, research, service, and advocacy initiatives to promote teaching and learning.

Partnership Council Charge:

1. Review processes/procedures and facilitate activities related to partnerships, Professional Development Schools, clinical associates, and clinical   supervisors.
2. Support partnerships, Professional Development Schools and COE faculty in moving the work of the PDS Network forward.
3. Recommend professional development for Professional Development Schools and Georgia Southern faculty in support of partnership goals.
4. Promote cohesiveness between field experiences and Georgia Southern’s educator preparation programs.
5. Assess partnership activities in order to support COE Unit assessment.

The Partnership Council includes members who are representative of departmental programs from undergraduate and graduate educator programs for the College of Education, the executive director of the first district RESA, and twelve P-12 members, including administrators, clinical associates, clinical supervisors, and recent teacher education graduates. Ex-officio members include the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Teacher Education and the Associate Dean of Graduate Education and Research, the Director of Field Experiences, and the chair for the Department of Teaching & Learning. The Council is chaired by the Partnership Coordinator and meets twice each semester.

Current Definition of Partnerships:
“School/University Partnerships consist of mutually agreed upon common goals that are achieved through and characterized by trust, mutuality, and reciprocity among stakeholders including pre-service teachers, teachers, administrators, and other school colleagues, community members, and college/university faculty across institutional settings.”

Current Activities:
Facilitate communication between P-12 educators & university personnel
Undergraduate field experiences
MAT field experiences
Leadership internships
School Psychology & Counseling Field Experiences
Teaching on-site courses
Professional Development
Action Research
Supporting school & community needs

Possibilities for the Future:
• Advocate together for changes to educational policy.
• Work together to disseminate IMPORTANT information (i.e.- not test scores) to wider audiences outside of the classroom & university setting.
• Work with the Rural Health Institute and College of Public Health on development of full service schools.
• Professor-in-residence at area schools. Work with teachers to design and support PLCs, action research projects, curriculum development, service-learning opportunities, grant writing, etc.
• Grant writing to support new projects and sustain collaboration.
• Professional development for teacher educators and teachers.
• Work with schools to support induction plans
• Establish long and short term goals for partners
• Periodically evaluate outcomes and make necessary adjustments
• Design processes for the purpose of ensuring partnerships are sustainable
• Through communication, ensure that efforts are mutually beneficial and responsibility is shared among all stakeholders
• Establish and maintain collaborative relationships between all stakeholders
• Advocate for policy changes that are research based
• Focus on enhanced educational opportunities for P-16 students

The nine essentials of PDS schools that support our partnership goals:
1. A comprehensive mission that is broader in its outreach and scope than the mission of any partner that furthers the education profession and its responsibility to advance equity within schools and, by potential extension, the broader community.
2. A school university culture committed to the preparation of future educators that embraces their active engagement in the school community.
3. Ongoing and reciprocal professional development for all participants guided by need.
4. A shared commitment to innovative and reflective practice by all participants.
5. Engagement in public sharing of the results of deliberative investigations of practice by respective participants.
6. An agreement developed by the respective participants delineating the roles and responsibilities of all involved.
7. A structure that allows all participants a forum for ongoing governance, reflection, and collaboration.
8. Work by college/university faculty and P 12 faculty in formal roles across institutional settings.
9. Dedicated and shared resources and formal rewards and recognition structures.

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