International Study Opportunity

Application Process

Goals: The goals of the ISO program include the following:

  1. To demonstrate the interrelatedness of diverse populations (locally, regionally, nationally, and globally).
  2. To gain a broader perspective on diverse learners, curriculum, and school settings.
  3. To apply teaching and learning research and theory.

Description: The ISO Option includes three components:

  1. An eleven-week traditional, accelerated student teaching experience during which time the student teacher must (a) complete a minimum of four-weeks of successful full-day teaching, (b) complete all program-specific student teacher requirements, (c) earn a satisfactory performance in the accelerated student teaching experience.
  2. A four-week international student teaching experience during which time the student teacher must complete a set of ISO competency activities at a satisfactory level.  See list of competencies.
  3. Presentations of the experience are made to university faculty, school faculty, peers and community.

The official final grade recommendation for the combined components of the ISO Option (“unsatisfactory” or “satisfactory”) will be determined by the student teachers’ level of attainment of the criteria set for the three components of the experience described above.

Application Process: The application packet and video for the ISO Opportunity must be submitted by the deadline for student teaching applications.  The packet must include the following materials:

  1. The completed ISO Application form
  2. A 3 -5 minute electronic presentation responding to the prompts/questions not to exceed 5 minutes.  The prompts/questions are:
    1. Describe what you hope to gain from this international student teaching experience?
    2. Identify one item you will take to share with students in your assigned school that will help them understand something about you and/or your culture?
    3. Discuss how you will adapt to a new culture.
    4. Discuss your time management skills and strategies.
  3. Two reference forms (one from a program course instructor and one from a University Supervisor)
  4. Proof of health insurance
  5. Participant agreement form
  6. Medical information form

Submit completed application packet (hard copy) on or before the deadline to the Office of Undergraduate Teacher Education, room 1103 in the College of Education. Upload electronic presentation into Google Drive and share with Ms. Pat Parsons, Director of Field Experiences and Partnerships, by the deadline to apply to student teach.  If you need assistance uploading the video refer to this link

Selection Criteria: The following criteria will be used to evaluate your application packet:

  1. All coursework completed except student teaching
  2. B or better in upper division education coursework (including all field placements) throughout teacher prep program
  3. Clear criminal background check
  4. Inclusion of all required materials
  5. Evidence of the following characteristics: initiative; flexibility in adapting to new situations; open-minded to beliefs, experiences and practices that may differ from your own; knowledge of content; teaching capabilities; and professionalism.

Selection Process:  Selection to participate in the ISO exchange is a two-step process.  The ISO Selection Committee will review all application packets, including the electronic presentation, to identify applicants that will be invited for a roundtable interview with the committee.  If a candidate is not selected for the interview, he/she will be eliminated from the selection process.  After interviews are completed, notification of selection status will take place by e-mail.

ISO Option Requirement: The following requirements must be fulfilled in the ISO Option:

  1. Attend all required ISO information and orientation seminars.
  2. Demonstrate satisfactory performance during accelerated student teaching experience.  This includes not being placed on a Performance Agreement or Probationary Status during student teaching.
  3. Communicate as required with the Georgia Southern ISO University supervisor(s) through e-mail or other means while abroad.
  4. Complete a portfolio demonstrating a satisfactory performance based on the Portfolio Description provided during orientation.
  5. Participate in on-site seminars during international placement.
  6. Participate in the school and classroom:
    1. Assist classroom teacher (e.g., centers, small groups, one-on-one interaction).
    2. Teach lessons (e.g., large groups, small groups).
    3. Conduct daily routines/procedures.
    4. Attend and participate in planning meetings/grade level meetings.
    5. Visit and observe different grade level classrooms.
    6. Visit administration.
    7. Share information on home country with different grade levels (e.g., teach unit to class, questions and answer session).
    8. Others as specified.
  7. Present international experiences to university faculty, school faculty, peers, and the community.

ISO Option Cost:  In addition to your tuition, which you will pay directly to Georgia Southern University, the ISO experience includes the following additional cost:

  1. Airfare –  Approximately $1,000 – $1200
  2. Accommodations – Accommodations will be arranged by partners in the UK.  Cost for accommodations will be approximately $700 – $1100
  3. Spending – Allow for sufficient pocket money to cover weekend travel, meals, souvenirs, unexpected expenses, phone calls, airport departure tax, etc.
  4. Alternate travel – Tram or bus fare to schools daily (approximately $50 – $75).  We recommend that you purchase a BritRail pass if you plan to travel on weekends.

 Note: Any financial aid you are receiving will also apply to your ISO experience.

Last updated: 8/26/2014

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