Department Policies & Procedures

2014-2015 Departmental Leadership Team

Allocating Faculty Travel Funds

Analysis and Interpretation of Performance Data – Program Reports [MSWord]

Departmental Goals

Evaluating Full-Time Faculty

Evidence by Categories – Full-time Tenure Track Faculty

Evidence by Categories – Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Faculty Goal Setting for Annual Performance Report [MSWord]

Faculty Mentoring Plan

Faculty Mentoring Report

Faculty Roles and Rewards Matrix/Rubric – Full-time Tenure Track Faculty [MSWord]

Faculty Roles and Rewards Matrix/Rubric – Non Tenure Track Faculty [MSWord]

Part-Time Faculty

Program Coordinators – Responsibilities of Undergraduate PCGraduate PC

Student Process for Filing a Complaint/Concern

Student Complaint Form

Tenure and Promotion Policy


Last updated: 6/26/2017

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