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The four Ed.S. degree programs in this department are offered fully online and are approved programs by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (PSC). Each program meets the PSC’s certificate upgrade requirements with corresponding pay increase by Georgia public school systems.

The Ed.S. programs are designed to provide a high level of professional proficiency skills as well as research skills which are emphasized throughout each program’s course work. The role of the classroom teacher is expanded to that of teacher/researcher which allows the Education Specialist candidate to become a more active participant and critical consumer of educational research. The Ed.S. curriculum is based on an inquiry approach that emphasizes reflective, problem-solving skills applicable to a multitude of education problems, pedagogy, and issues.

Ed.S. Admission and Program of Study

Use the link at the right for your specific discipline area.

Ed.S. Roles and Responsibilities

The Education Specialist (Ed.S.) Guidelines provide an overview of the roles and responsibilities of the Ed.S. candidate, Ed.S. advisor, and the Ed.S. Research Project Committee Chair. Included in the narrative are program expectations of the Ed.S. Candidate for completion of the Ed.S. Research Project. Guidelines with Roles and Responsibilities

Ed.S Resources for Field-Based Research

The Ed.S. Resources website contains procedures and policies for completing the Ed.S. Research Project from the initial identification of a topic to the final presentation of the research project by the candidate.

Ed.S. Course Rotations

All course offerings are based on enrollments and university/community needs. Course Rotations

Ed.S. Online

Each Ed.S. degree in a teaching field is available fully online. However, note that some courses are available in specific semester rotations. To plan appropriately, you must contact your Ed.S. advisor, Ms. Lydia Cross, for information on sequencing courses appropriately.

Ed.S. Comprehensive Exit Assessment Forms

These are the Ed.S. forms (Form A, Form B, Form C, Form D) that are required during the process of completing the Ed.S. Research Project. The uses of these forms are described on the Ed.S. Checklist. Ed.S. Forms

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