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Workshops/Professional Learning

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In the 1-week, 30-hour Summer Writing Institute, participants will engage in exploration, research, and practice of effective strategies for writing and teaching all modes of writing—narrative, memoir, informative, and opinion/argument writing, as well as writing to learn, for K-12 students. Participants will also practice strategies to make themselves more confident writers.In the 1-week, 30-hour Summer Reading Institute, participants will engage in exploration, research, and practice of effective strategies for teaching reading comprehension and teaching reading in all genres and content areas for Grade 2-12 students. Reader response writing strategies to increase comprehension will be stressed. Participants will experience the reading workshop model for whole-class, shared texts, collaborative book clubs, and self-selected independent reading. Participants will become more proficient and confident teachers of readers and better versed in the research behind effective reading instruction. Please visit the Coastal Savannah Writing Project website for more information.

Engaging Educators in Renewable Energy is a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant that aims to develop a diverse, competitive, and nationally engaged teacher and faculty workforce through activities and projects performed alongside graduate and undergraduate students, as well as faculty and industry advisors. The participants will receive 8 weeks of professional development on renewable energy content and teaching strategies. Seven weeks will be delivered in the summer from the second week of June through the fourth week of July, excluding the week of July 4th. The eighth week will be delivered during the academic year in one 2 and a 1/2 day workshop per semester. Please click the link above for more information.

Last updated: 9/13/2018