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GACE Program Admission Assessment (PAA) Resources

GACE PAA Testing

Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators are mostly computerized exams that assess the knowledge and skills of prospective Georgia public school educators.

Register for your exam


Create a MyPSC account on the GaPSC website. You will receive a Georgia certification ID number (GA CERT ID).

  1. Go to the  MyPSC website  and select “Register.” Follow the prompts to create your account. Be sure to enter your full legal name exactly as it appears on your ID, and complete all fields.
  2. You will receive your Georgia certification ID number (GA CERT ID) through your MyPSC
    account. A GA CERT ID is used for identification throughout the certification and test registration process.
  3. Print your MyPSC account information so it will be handy when you register to test on the GACE website.


Create an ETS GACE testing account. This is where you will register to test and view the test you are approved to take.

  1. Go to the GACE website, select My GACE Testing Account, and follow the
    guidelines for creating an account in the ETS GACE online registration system. You must create an account in the ETS GACE online registration system. The tests you are approved for and eligible to take will be listed in
    this account, and this is where you will register to test. You cannot register to
    test through your MyPSC account.
  2. You will need to provide your GA CERT ID; your first and last name, middle initial, and suffix (if applicable) exactly as it appears in your MyPSC account; your date of birth; and Social Security number.
  3. You may use a different user name and password for your ETS GACE testing
    account; however, all other requested information must be identical to your
    MyPSC account in order to match up your eligibility information from the

GACE Program Admission Assessments or Exemption FAQ’s

What is the GACE Program Admission Assessment?

  • The assessment tests basic competencies in reading, writing and math.
  • Use as an entrance requirement for the Teacher Education Program at Georgia Southern University.
  • Required for certification in the state of Georgia, unless exempted, you must have this completed in order to obtain a pre-service certificate.
  • The reading and math assessments consist of multiple choice questions.  The writing assessment contains multiple choice and constructed response questions.

What assessments do I take in order to satisfy the GACE Program Admission Assessment?

  • Reading Test I/Test Code 200
  • Math Test II/Test Code 201
  • Writing Test III/Test Code 202
  • Combined Test, I, II and III/Test Code 700

Who must take the GACE Program Admission Assessment?

  • Anyone applying for admission to the Georgia Southern University College of Education Teacher Education Program (BSEd, MAT and some MEd majors)
  • Anyone wishing to obtain their initial certification in the state of Georgia and not otherwise meeting the requirement and exemption exam or other option

How do I register for the GACE Program Admission Assessment?

  • Register online at the GACE Registration website,
  • Government issue ID is required for admission to testing facilities and MUST match the name used in registration
  • There is a testing at home option, please see the GACE Registration website

Where can I take the GACE Program Admission Assessment?

  • Visit the GACE website for locations worldwide,
  • The exam is offered on the Georgia Southern University campus, through our Testing Office

What are the dates for the GACE Program Admission Assessment?

  • Test dates are listed on the GACE website,
  • The Georgia Southern University Testing Office list out the dates

When will I receive my scores?

  • Test scores take up to four weeks to report, so plan accordingly

What is considered passing on the GACE Program Admissions Assessment?

  • The passing score for each of the assessments is 250
  • Beginning July 1, 2021 the Georgia Professional Standards Commission will begin using a composite score of 750.  This means all three assessments can be added together and if you score at least a 750 it will be considered passing

How do I prepared for the GACE Program Admission Assessment?

What if I require alternative testing arrangements for a disability or health-related need?

What if my primary language is not English?

Assessment preparation resources

Please see the following resources below to assist you with preparation for the GACE Program Admission Assessments.

For specific GACE inquiries, please email

For more information contact

Chris Thompson, Educator Preparation Coordinator
Statesboro Campus, College of Education Room 1107E
Phone: 912-478-0499

Last updated: 4/20/2022