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COE Faculty Awarded Seed Grants for 2016

The College of Education has awarded more than $10,000 in seed grants for spring 2016. The announcement was made this week by Alisa Leckie, Assistant Professor in the Department of Teaching & Learning and Brandon Hunt, Associate professor in the Department of Leadership, Technology & Human Development both co-chairs of COE’s Research Committee.

Two grants were awarded. The first went to Associate Professor Alma Stevenson, Department of Curriculum Foundations & Reading, and Assistant Professor Lacey Huffling, Department of Teaching & Learning, for their project “Developing Scientific Literacy: A Socioculturally Responsive and Ecological approach to Science learning”.  Their project gathers data about curriculum, professional development and student learning during a week long science, literacy and math summer camp for migrant middle school students.

The second grant went to Assistant Professor Chelda Smith, and Assistant Professor Melony Allen both in the Department of Teaching and Learning for their study focused on “Examining pre-service teachers’ learning outcomes while being immersed in a co-teaching environment”.   With co-teaching as an anticipated mandate for Georgia teachers, their project models and evaluates this structure which can enhance learning experiences for our Early Childhood teacher candidates.

The Seed Grants are funded by COE. The purpose of the grants is to provide initial, or seed, funding for research proposals that support the institutional research agenda of COE, including the advancement of the college’s mission and conceptual framework commitments, and have a significant impact on the college’s outreach to P-12 and community constituents and enhance the College’s capacity to conduct significant education research.

Dr. Alma Stevenson

Dr. Lacey Huffling

Dr. Chelda Smith

Dr. Melonie Allen



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