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B.S.Ed. in Secondary Education to return in Fall 2017

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.Ed.) program in Secondary Education is returning to Georgia Southern University. This degree program prepares students to become Georgia certified educators for grades 6-12 which will allow them to teach in both the middle and high school. Accepting students in Fall 2017, the B.S.Ed. Secondary Education program currently includes concentrations in mathematics, biology, chemistry, and physics education.

Prior to the return of the B.S.Ed. Secondary program, students who were interested in teaching at the high school level were directed to complete an undergraduate degree in the content area they would like to teach and then earn a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree to enter the teaching field. The B.S.Ed. Secondary program provides students with both strong content preparation and instructional training that leads to their initial teaching certification. Therefore, students can enter into the teaching field immediately following the successful completion of their B.S.Ed. Secondary Education degree program and can choose to add a graduate degree.

The B.S.Ed. Secondary program includes 1,000 hours of field and clinical experience including a year-long student teaching with a partner school. Students completing the B.S.Ed. Secondary Education degree will take approximately 24 hours of upper-division coursework within their content field along with instructional preparation courses to assist with vital educational concerns such as content literacy and teaching diverse learners.

For more information, contact the COE’s Student Success Center at (912) 478-0698 or email


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