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College of Education hosts first doctoral reunion

Members of the inaugural doctoral cohorts in attendance were (pictured l-r) Brenda Shuman-Riley, Ed.D.; Cynthia LoMonaco, Ed.D.; Genie Fulcher, Ed.D.; Paul “Mac” Brinson, Ed.D.; Linda Wright, Ed.D.; Jody Woodrum, Ed.D.; and Lynn Futch, Ed.D.

Inaugural cohorts receive recognition

On Saturday, July 15 alumni of the College of Education’s (COE) doctoral programs reunited with a special recognition for the inaugural cohorts of the Ed.D. in Educational Administration (now Educational Leadership) and Ed.D. in Curriculum Studies programs.

Seven of the original 16 students first accepted into the COE’s doctoral programs were in attendance including: Paul “Mac” Brinson, Ed.D.; Genie Fulcher, Ed.D; Lynn Futch, Ed.D.; Cynthia LoMonaco, Ed.D.; Brenda Shuman-Riley, Ed.D.; Jody Woodrum, Ed.D.; and Linda Wright, Ed.D.

College Dean Thomas Koballa, Ph.D. recognized the members of the inaugural cohorts individually and presented each with a glass memento.

“The exceptionality of the students in the inaugural cohorts and those that followed them along with the impact of their collective research does, in fact, make the College a recognized unit of Georgia Southern University in the state of Georgia and across the country,” said Koballa. “Members of the inaugural doctoral cohorts have so much to be proud of, and we have much to thank them for. Without them, Georgia Southern would not be the doctoral, research university that it is today.”

Distinguished guests also recognized for their role in the development and creation of the Ed.D. programs included the University’s 10th President Nick Henry, Ph.D.; Former COE Dean and Professor Emerita Cindi Chance, Ph.D.; and Former Department Chair and Professor Emerita of Curriculum, Foundations and Reading Revered Jane Page, Ed.D.

The recognition ceremony was opened by Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Diana Cone, Ph.D. Additionally, University President Jaimie Hebert, Ph.D. as well as Cordelia Zinskie, professor and former chair of the Department of Curriculum, Foundations and Reading; Dean Koballa; and Lynn Futch, Ed.D., inaugural cohort member, all spoke during the ceremony to add their memories and appreciation for the doctoral programs.

“It was a day of celebration,” said Futch. “We are thankful to the University for providing a cohort model for these programs, as it provided us an opportunity to bond and make lifelong friends.”

“We felt very honored that the University recognized our cohorts for our place in Georgia Southern history,” she added.

Members of the inaugural cohorts that were unable to attend included: Troy Davis, Ed.D.; Rebecca Kelleher, Ed.D.; William Lacefield, Ed.D.; Linda McQuiag, Ed.D.; Enola Mosley, Ed.D.; Cheryl Reynolds, Ed.D; Mary Smith, Ed.D.; Robert Edward “Sonny” Waller, Ed.D.; and Kristen Young-Curran, Ed.D.

The College of Education plans to host future reunions for doctoral graduates. Additional details for the next reunion will be communicated when available.


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