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i2STEMe School Outreach accepting memberships for 2018-19 school year

Georgia Southern University College of Education will soon begin offering materials and supplies for K-12 science and social students content and curriculum through the Institute for Interdisciplinary STEM Education (i2STEMe) School Outreach program.

Formerly hosted by the Georgia Southern Museum as Project SENSE (Science Education Network for the Southeast) and Project BESST (Be Engaged in Social Studies Teaching), the i2STEMe School Outreach program offers equipment, materials and activity kits that enhance science and social studies curriculum and provide hands-on, inquiry based learning.

The program is a paid service that provides opportunities for membership at the school system, individual school or individual teacher level. Annual memberships range from $2,500 for entire school systems to $250 for an individual teacher.

“We are in the process of organizing and preparing a warehouse full of materials that teachers will be able to check out for a complete lesson in their science or social studies course without having to stress about the school purchasing the equipment or materials for the lesson,” explained Kania Greer, i2STEMe Coordinator. “We have Vernier and additional lab equipment that most schools do not have access to, and this program would allow teachers to utilize that equipment in their classroom to reinforce hands-on learning that students find engaging and exciting.”

Greer also explained that materials provided include consumables that are needed for instruction of a lesson as well.

“Say that a teacher wants to reinforce the concept of the effects of erosion,” said Greer, “all the materials needed for that lesson from the soil and rocks to the water quality testing kits would be available for checkout. All the teacher has to do is request the materials or kit, and set a pick up date. The teacher has the non-consumable materials at their disposal for two weeks.”

Greer says they hope to start lending materials by mid- to late August and are accepting memberships at this time. To inquire about membership information, please contact the i2STEMe administration at or call (912) 478-8650.


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