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Georgia Southern’s STEM outreach unit has new name

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The Center for STEM Education (i2STEMed) is the new moniker for the College of Education’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics education outreach unit. Previously known as the Institute for Interdisciplinary STEM Education (i2STEMe), the Center has expanded partnerships over the last nine years to include local, state and international organizations.

“Since being a part of the College of Education, the Center for STEM Education has grown its community outreach and STEM teaching and learning initiatives to include our Science To-Go mobile education unit as well the i2STEMed School Outreach which is a STEM lending warehouse program, partnering with the Georgia Southern University Museum,” said i2STEMed Coordinator Kania Greer, Ed.D.

The name change reflects the Center’s service-focused and public impact mission of providing STEM teaching and learning in both formal and informal educational settings to P-12 and beyond.

“The scope of our work is broad,” explained Greer. “Much of the work that we do leads to additional projects and collaborations that range from serving as judges for a senior class project and reviewing research posters for undergraduates to assisting teachers in India with STEM place-based education curriculum and creating opportunities for pre-service teachers to investigate place-based opportunities for hands-on field instruction.”

When changing names, the Center’s members felt it was important to keep their known acronym–i2STEMe and simply added a “d” to emphasize the teaching and learning aspects of their mission.

“We want people to see both the formal and informal opportunities to provide STEM principles and education in everyday life,” said Greer. “If you think about it, there are opportunities all around us, and you too, can teach a simple STEM lesson with your children, family and friends through those activities. Your home is full of electronics that you can discuss how they work. Surrounding your home is an ecosystem. We are encouraging you to think — i2STEMed, or ‘I, too, do STEM education.”

i2STEMed was founded in 2012 through a collaboration of the Colleges of Education and of Science and Mathematics as a University-wide program to promote STEM education across the University in an interdisciplinary effort to promote STEM education. In 2017, the Center moved under the oversight of the College of Education and has two full-time team members including Greer and Mary Thaler, senior administrative assistant.

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