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Huling is College of Education’s ‘Instructor of the Year’

Heather Huling, clinical instructor of elementary education, has been named the recipient of the Georgia Southern University College of Education’s (COE) 2022 Non-Tenure Track Faculty Award in Teaching and Service. 

Huling joined the College in 2015, and serves as the coordinator for Curriculum and Internship I blocks, where she works to ensure comparable quality in all sections of the courses, engages in training new and returning faculty, and revises and updates course materials related to practicum courses. 

“Mrs. Huling’s service to the BSED Elementary Education program through her coordinator role is tremendous,” said Yasar Bodur, interim associate dean for curriculum, instruction and initial educator preparation. “We rely heavily on the program directors and block coordinators in implementing this program, and Mrs. Huling has been an essential part of this team.”

As a clinical instructor, Huling has a significant role in supervising Georgia Southern teaching candidates in their senior semesters in field experiences. Over the last three years, she has also led course revisions due to COVID, the removal of the edTPA requirement, and the rising need for technology integration. Huling has also incorporated certifications that grow and enhance the skill set of the seniors in her seminar course including Google Level 1 Certification, dyslexia training, and mandated reporter training.

Earlier this year, Huling was named a University Award of Excellence recipient in the area of academic excellence, recognizing individuals who promote educational opportunities or resources that stimulate students’ academic progression and graduation.

In a support letter written by former student Emily Bannister, Huling was described as teaching “one of the most influential lessons” Bannister had ever been taught. 

“Mrs. Huling modeled what it is like to be a flexible, understanding and kindhearted teacher,” wrote Bannister. “Now being a first year teacher, Mrs. Huling continues to be an influential person in my life. She is someone I can always count on being there to listen and give me advice, no matter if it is about the good, the bad or the ugly. Being a new teacher, I have been very thankful to have a support person cheering me on each step of the way. Heather Huling is the true definition of a good, dedicated, and impactful teacher and leader. She not only wants her students to succeed during the time in her class but in life.”

Huling is a current doctoral candidate in the Ed.D. Curriculum Studies program at Georgia Southern, where she is focusing on multicultural education and social justice. 

The Instructor/Lecturer Faculty Award in Teaching and Service Award, created in 2020, recognizes and rewards non-tenure track faculty who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of teaching and service. Non-tenure track faculty who have completed at least three years of service in the College are eligible for consideration. Evaluation criteria include consistent, successful service activities, diverse service, uncompensated service, evaluations of teaching, evidence of professional development, engagement in curricular activities, and collaborative work with P-12 educators.

The Instructor/Lecturer Faculty Award in Teaching and Service Award is funded by donor support to the College of Education. Donations can be made to the COE Instructor/Lecturer Faculty Award in Teaching and Service Award by designating donations to fund GS4502.


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