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Boro Prepared for Anything


Program History

In the fall of 2015, a research team from Georgia Southern University (GSU)partnered with CrossFit Boro and the Boys and Girls Club of Bulloch County (BGC) to offer an under-served youth population an after school, CrossFit program called CrossFit Boro Prepared for Anything. We, Dr. Christina Gipson and Dr. Michael Moore, are avid CrossFitters who have personally seen and experienced the benefits from CrossFit, and we wanted to share a CrossFit program with a population that would normally not have such opportunities.


The goal of CrossFit Boro Prepared for Anything was to transform the participants’ lives by
teaching them skills to live a balanced life: physically, socially, personally, and intellectually.
The program provided a supportive CrossFit environment with college students, local
professionals, and people from the local community. We exposed the athletes to CrossFit
movements which combined gymnastics, weightlifting and metabolic conditioning. We tracked
the impact of the program through focus groups, use of reflective journaling, and quantitative
research instruments.
Our aim was to offer a program that can be used as a vehicle to provide the participants with a
positive outlet to help youth at-risk counter delinquent behaviors, provide a safe place to go, and
allow us to work in group settings where social and moral values, good sportsmanship are
developed through the CrossFit community.

Program Results:

CrossFit Boro Prepared for Anything provided 24 weeks of CrossFit sessions at CrossFit Boro
plus three summer camps. Our data and observations showed success in the program as the
participants increased setting and reaching goals and positive self-talk, decreased BMI, increased
communication abilities, and much more. Each session is updated and improved based on
feedback from the participants, our own observations, and changes in the current CrossFit
environment. Although we continue to make changes, we realized that the program has been
beneficial and decided to develop efforts to make the program more permanent. Therefore, in
Spring 2016, we successfully established the program into a non-profit 501(c)3 called Boro
Prepared for Anything, Limited (EIN 81-1089329).




Last updated: 4/4/2017