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Centennial Plaza Brick Campaign

*Our Centennial Plaza Brick Campaign is currently being redesigned.  During this time period, new brick order request will be suspended.  We hope to begin accepting orders soon!  Please visit this page for future updates.  Thank you so very much for your consideration and understanding.*

Honor your time as an EAGLE….

CentennialPlaza 8-2016

with a commemorative brick in Centennial Plaza on the Statesboro campus of Georgia Southern University. Centennial Plaza is located between the College of Education and the Information Technology building.  The engraved bricks make wonderful gifts for graduates, alumni, favorite professors, an individual who has made a difference in your life, and loved ones including parents and children.  The possibilities are endless. 

Your commemorative brick purchase includes an engraved brick installed in the wheel of the Centennial Plaza, and a  certificate of ownership suitable for framing.  Up to three lines (20 characters per line), with words of your choosing, can be engraved on your brick. Greek Letters are also acceptable.

These purchases are 100% tax deductible and will support undergraduate and graduate student scholarships.

For questions, contact Lisa Wilson or phone (912) 478-5200.  To view a sample of plaza bricks please see the link below.

Photos of purchased bricks View a sample photo of bricks installed in the plaza

What’s your Brick Testimony?

Brick Testimony… Tell us about your brick, whether you purchased a brick or were given one as a gift. It can be featured on this page. “It is more than a brick…it’s the story behind it.”


Alumna Taylor Burns honors a friend. 

Taylor’s brick was purchased in memory of Emily Clark, one of the five Georgia Southern Nursing students tragically lost in an automobile accident on April 22, 2015.  Recently, Taylor and her mother Renee returned to the university campus and were able to view their special brick for the first time.  Renee stated, “It was very sweet to see Taylor and Emily’s brick and to know that it will forever be at Southern!!”

On Eagles’ wings you soar!

-November 2017

Alumna Holly Waltman shares her Brick Testimony

“This brick was a graduation present from my family. I attended Georgia Southern from 2005-2008. I began my studies as a pre-pharmacy major. I quickly found out that pharmacy did not interest me but I was at a lost on what to study. I signed up for intro to philosophy class with Dr. Bill Eaton. Within just a few classes, I was hooked and my life would be forever changed. I switched my major and my true “search for knowledge” began. I now own a law firm in Atlanta where I practice trial work for people charged with criminal offenses. Do yourself a favor and sign up for a philosophy class while attending Georgia Southern, there is no telling what you may find!”

-Holly Waltman Class of 2008
May 2017


The McGahee family shares their “Eagle Tradition” Brick testimony

“Our family has become a true Eagle Nation family.  All three of our daughters have attended or are attending GS.  Our daughter Kelly was the first to come to GS and she received her degree in Public Relations.  Her younger sister, Rebecca, followed a couple of years later, and is earning a degree in Early Childhood Education.  Our oldest daughter, Mary Frances, decided to attend GS for her Master’s in Early Childhood Education.  For a period of time, all three of our daughters were Georgia Southern students.  We also had a special person in our life who was like a son to us, and tragically died at the beginning of his junior year at GS.  Blake Shurling was an Eagle from a very young age, and loved everything about GS.  We count these four young Georgia Southern students as very special blessings, and are glad to have this opportunity to honor them.”

-Thayer and Rusty McGahee
March 2017

Kyla Dickson honors a friend and shares her Brick Testimony

“Lauren was the first person I met when I chose Georgia Southern University as my home for the next four years.  We met on Facebook in the Class of 2017 Georgia Southern University group, and always joked that this was one of the best online relationships we ever had.  It was true though, we really had a special friendship, Lauren and I.  From the first time I met Lauren I knew there was something about her I liked.  That like turned into love and that love turned into one of the best friendships I could ask for.  Even though we only had three years together, I am thankful for the impact she had on my life.  This brick is a dedication to you Lauren for all the laughs, tears, hugs, and memories we shared here at Eagle Nation.  Thank you girly.”

-Kyla Dickson
February 2017

BP BrickPic

Alumna Brittany Parham shares her Brick Testimony

“Since coming to Georgia Southern in summer of 2004 as a high school junior, I fell in love with the campus and had my sights set on coming here for college. My parents purchased my brick as a surprise since they bought my sister one when she graduated from her University. When I received the small brick I immediately put it in my office along with all of my other mementos from my years here at Georgia Southern, my lantern from the Lantern Walk and my Graduation tassel. It is nice to know that no matter where I go in life there will always be a small part of me represented here on campus!”

-Brittany Parham
February 2015

May Brick Pix

Alumna Samantha May shares her Brick Testimony

“My parents purchased a brick for me as part of a graduation present. I received the mini replica in the mail, but had always wanted to find the time to see the real brick on the Georgia Southern campus. I finally went back a year and a half later, and found my personalized brick. This brick is a timeless gift.  Georgia Southern University made a huge impact on my life, and it is really special to know that there will  forever be a small piece of “me” embedded on this beautiful campus!”

-Samantha May
November 2014

If you would like to share your story please contact:
Lisa Wilson
College of Education
(912) 478-5200

Last updated: 10/6/2020