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Effective fall semester 2016, the Ed.S. Program in Counselor Education will be closed to student applicants. This decision comes as a result of much consideration and due deliberation concerning low student enrollment. Students currently enrolled in the program will be able to complete their programs of study, but no new students will be admitted.  Please feel free to contact Dr. Beth Durodoye, Chair, Department of Leadership, Technology, and Human Development, for further information. She may be reached at 912.478.8533, or at


*For students currently enrolled in the program*


EDUR 7130 – Educational Research (3)

Research Sequence Requirements …..9 Hours
EDUR 8131 – Educational Statistics I (3)
*EDUR 8434 – Field-based Educational Research (3)
**COUN 8839 – Action Research in Counselor Education (3)

Counselor Education Core Requirements …..9 Hours
COUN 8536 – Advocacy and Systemic Change in a Diverse Society (3)
COUN 8538 – Advanced Group Development and Supervision (3)
COUN 8737 – Advanced Counseling Practicum and Supervision (3)

Recommended Counselor Education Electives …..9 Hours
COUN 7231 – Foundations of Clinical Mental Health Counseling (3)
COUN 7232 – Addictions Counseling (3)
COUN 7233 – Family Counseling (3)
COUN 7431 – Consultation and Program Coordination (3)
COUN 7432 – Developmental Guidance Curriculum (3)
COUN 7739 – Internship (3)
COUN 8535 – Organization and Administration of Student Services (3)
COUN 8590 – Selected Topics in Counseling (3)
COUN 8890 – Directed Individual Study (3) (Advisor Permission Required)
ESPY 7230 – Developmental Diagnosis of School Age Children (3)
SPED 6130 – Introduction to Special Education (3)

Other Electives …..3 Hours
Additional electives may be chosen from Counselor Education, Educational Leadership, Higher Education Student Services, Psychology, Sociology, or other areas related to projected work setting.


  • Successful completion of Ed.S. Comprehensive Exit Assessment:  Involves constituting a three faculty advisory committee to guide field study, and requires the completion and oral defense of a major field-based research paper
  • Must successfully complete assessments identified at each program transition point



Last updated: 8/16/2017

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