Program Key Assessments

The following linked procedures and assessment rubrics are provided for candidate and faculty use. Candidates are encouraged to examine these six Key Assessment instruments for awareness of criteria.

Procedures Regarding Doctoral Student Files, Doctoral Paperwork, and Ed.D. Key Assessments

#1 — Evaluation of Core Coursework
to be completed at end of Power and Schooling semester by instructors

#2 — Evaluation of Written Candidacy Exam
to be completed following committee evaluation of written candidacy exam responses

#3 — Prospectus
to be completed following prospectus defense

#4 — Evaluation of Strand Coursework 
to be completed at end of designated strand course by instructors, either Forms of Curriculum Inquiry (CS strand) or Critical Analysis of Schools (T & L strand)

#5 — Evaluation of Dissertation
to be completed following dissertation defense

#6 — Evaluation of Dispositions
to be completed twice — First, at end of Inquiry and Development of Educational Practice and second, following completion of dissertation defense

Last updated: 11/24/2014

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