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Diversity and Inclusion in COE

Diversity Matters

The College of Education at Georgia Southern University is committed to a culture of inclusive excellence in which faculty, staff, students and visitors collaborate in an environment that is welcoming and respectful. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee embraces and promotes diversity in all spaces within the College.  We define diversity as characteristics and identities of individuals including, but not limited to: race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, class, marital status and political beliefs. Inclusion involves recognizing and embracing differences between individuals.

Our goal of inclusivity is to create a sense of belonging and our College values and practices reflect respect for the talents, beliefs, cultural backgrounds and identities of its constituents. We believe that diversity and inclusion are critical elements in creating a conducive atmosphere to foster open-mindedness, compassion in teaching, learning and inquiry, as well as a necessary condition for preparing our graduates to succeed in a diverse global society.

Critical Conversations and Professional Development

Professional Development Opportunities

The COE’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee will facilitate two professional learning opportunities in the Spring 2020 semester intended to support our continued growth and critical self-reflection. We provide a brief description of each below. If you are interested in participating, please complete the Google Form sent to the COE-L Listserv by January 27, 2020. COE will purchase all materials for interested faculty and staff members.

  • March- We plan to facilitate a book club featuring Bettina Love’s recent publication We Want to do More Than Survive: Abolitionist Teaching and the Pursuit of Educational Reform (2019).  Love, a scholar at the University of Georgia, explores how our current educational system teaches students -some students – how to survive but does not help them thrive. To learn more about the book, read Love’s interview with Virginia Prescott from Georgia Public Broadcasting’s program On Second Thought.
  • April- The Diversity and Inclusion Committee will facilitate a 28-day personal exploration of white privilege utilizing Layla Saad’s workbook Me and White Supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World & Become a Good Ancestor (2020).  The article published in Teaching Tolerance (2019), provides a great introduction to Saad and how the Me and White Supremacy Challenge began. This excerpt from the article provides a preview for how Saad’s 28-day challenge can push us to ‘dig deep.’
  • Upcoming- Diversity, Recruitment and Retention Training Sessions will be led by the Arredondo Advisory Group and is part of the University’s efforts in inclusive excellence.  Small teams of COE members will participate in the sessions and will share the information within departments and committees later in the semester. If you would like to know more about the Arredondo facilitators, please see the Arredondo Group website for more information.

Commitment to Diversity Award

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion Award is designed to honor College of Education faculty and staff who show ongoing engagement in issues of diversity.

Faculty and staff applying for the COE Commitment Diversity and Inclusion Award should have an innovative and unique perspective to promoting and building respect for diversity in the classroom. Candidates need to demonstrate how they advance the diversity and inclusion within the College and throughout the community. 

Primary Criteria

  • Implemented or developed an innovative program, policy, course or professional development training that has served to inform the college community about topics related diversity
  • Actively supported diversity initiatives, programs, and educational opportunities in the College of Education and contributed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment.

Please see the Commitment Award application for materials and procedures

Georgia Southern Inclusive Excellence

Please visit the Georgia Southern University Office of Inclusive Excellence and the Office of Multicultural Affairs for more information.

Last updated: 3/12/2020