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Eagle Academy 2022

EAGLE Academy

EAGLE Academy is a certified comprehensive transition program (CTP) for highly motivated young adults whose disability is characterized by limitations in both intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior.  EAGLE Academy students typically received special education services while in high school, graduating with either a regular diploma or a special diploma.  As a CTP, our students can apply for federal financial aid.

EAGLE Academy inclusive post-secondary education program is a two-year certificate program of study which teaches independent living and career skills and empowers students to achieve Equal Access to Gainful Learning and Employment (EAGLE). Our program currently focuses on years 3 and 4 of the college experience, meaning our students have either attended other post secondary programs for a year or two, worked previously, or have been out of high school for a couple of years. 

EAGLE Academy helps young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities make a successful transition to adult life by providing them with an inclusive college experience.  This experience will provide development of their academic, vocational, daily living, and decision making skills. Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a certificate of completion.

Eagle Academy Virtual Open House Banner-Spring 2023

Virtual Open House

Join us on February 9, 2023 starting at 6:00 p.m. to learn more about Eagle Academy!

We can’t wait to share our story with you.

Through the Eyes of a Champion

Eagle Academy updates

New EAGLE Academy logo revealed

Georgia Southern University’s EAGLE Academy is launching a new look this summer. Housed in the College of Education, the inclusive post-secondary education program recently rebranded with a logo that captures the spirit of the mission of the program–Equal Access to Gainful Learning and Employment (EAGLE).

“Students enrolled in EAGLE Academy are an inspiration,” said Nicholas Roshkind, program director. “While you may not visibly see their challenges, these students attend classes and work diligently in internship opportunities just like any other student on campus.”

Created by the University’s graphic design team, the new logo captures the success of students enrolled in the Academy with the feeling of ‘soaring’ in the Eagle Nation.

“When I look at the logo, I now feel the inspiration and success of the EAGLE Academy students reflected.”

A look forward into fall 2022…..

In the fall, three students are returning for their final year in the program. Henry will continue to become an entrepreneur by taking a self-leadership course and volunteering with the Office of Admissions. Malcolm will be working at the Recreational Activity Center (RAC) on the Statesboro Campus while taking coaching courses to help him pursue a career in sports leadership. Douglas will continue interning with the University’s Information Technology (IT) Services focusing on cyber security and troubleshooting while also taking IT courses. 

EAGLE Academy will also welcome five new students in the fall. Kyleigh, Brian, Alex, Dale and Ephraim are all excited to start their journeys here at EAGLE Academy and continue their education while learning skills to help them with employment opportunities.

Spring 2022 Alumnus Max is also returning to the University as a full-time student pursuing an associate’s degree in science and will also be serving as a peer mentor for the Academy for incoming students. 

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