Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Admissions Questions

What is EAGLE Academy at Georgia Southern University?

EAGLE Academy at Georgia Southern University is the university’s 2-year inclusive higher education program for students with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, providing individualized Programs of Study in the areas of education, social skills, daily living skills, and career development skills. The goal of the program is to help students be able to live as independently as possible and gain meaningful employment.

What is the application process?

Once the completed online application and supporting documents have been received and reviewed, selected candidates are contacted for an interview.

What are the factors in selection of an EAGLE Academy student?

An EAGLE Academy student has a high school diploma, was served under an Individual Education Plan (IEP) while in high school, and has an intellectual and/or developmental disability. Eligible students must have a strong desire to participate in the college experience, to secure paid employment, and to achieve greater independence.

How do I apply for admission?

You can find out more about how to apply and the selection process here.

Once complete application packets have been received and reviewed, selected candidates will be contacted to schedule an interview. Updated application materials will be posted before the beginning of each year.

If my son or daughter’s graduation date is uncertain, should he or she apply anyway?

Your son or daughter may apply, and the application fee may be paid. However, if he or she applies and does not graduate, the application will not be kept in active status. He or she will need to reapply after actual graduation and application fees will need to be paid again. If you are unsure whether your son or daughter will graduate, it might be best to wait until circumstances are more certain.

How many students are accepted into the program?

Five to ten students will be accepted each year.

Tuition and Financial Aid Questions

How much does EAGLE Academy cost?
Though fees are subject to adjustment, student cost is $8071.40 per semester for tuition, housing, and meal plan. There is also a $5000.00 EAGLE Academy Program Fee.
Is financial assistance available?
There are several opportunities for financial assistance.
EAGLE Academy is a federally approved Comprehensive Transition Program. This status enables eligible students to apply for Federal Financial Aid. The Federal Student Aid website has added a page explaining financial aid for students with ID; following this link provides further assistance.
Do families need to pay tuition all at one time?
Georgia Southern University offers the Nelnet Plan monthly payment option to students and families. Available through Nelnet Business Solutions, expenses can be paid in monthly payments.

Residential Questions

Is there a residential component?
EAGLE Academy has a mandatory residential component. Our residential plan includes having on-campus housing. Students will live in a two-bedroom suite in Centennial Place. Their rooms will be located nearest to the residence hall Community Leader (formerly known as Resident Assistant). There is also a Resident Director who lives in the residence hall. . Residence hall staff will receive training from EAGLE Academy staff in order to know how to best work with our students. The EAGLE Academy staff is on call should any issues arise.

Program of Study Questions

Is EAGLE Academy a certificate program?
Yes. EAGLE Academy is a Comprehensive Transition Program. Students who complete program requirements will receive a certificate of completion from EAGLE Academy at Georgia Southern University.

How does an EAGLE Academy student participate in a Georgia Southern University class?
Each student has an Independent Learning Agreement that modifies course requirements to meet the student’s individual abilities.
Taking part in classes provides an opportunity for the student to explore his or her interests and to move toward employment goals. Participation also provides an opportunity for the student to learn valuable independent living skills. For example, students are expected to get to class on time and are expected to complete assignments within their Independent Learning Agreement.

Do the EAGLE Academy students follow a 9 – 5; Monday through Friday schedule?
No. This is a true college experience. A schedule on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday can look very different from a schedule on Tuesday and Thursday. Depending on the student’s internship, class schedule, and social events calendar, each day may look completely different.

Student Support Questions

How much assistance will my son/daughter receive?
Remember that part of the EAGLE Academy program agenda is to encourage independence. While the students are supported by a circle of support composed of their mentors, coaches, and EAGLE Academy staff, there are times when the students will have time alone.

What is a coach/mentor?
A diverse group of individuals from the Georgia Southern University student body are selected to serve as peer mentors. The students receive training and on-going support from EAGLE Academy staff. Georgia Southern students have the opportunity to be academic mentors/tutors, peer coaches, and social mentors.

Are tutors available to students?
Yes. Each EAGLE Academy student has an academic mentor who will serve as a tutor. In addition, EAGLE Academy staff will be available to assist students with their academic work.

How are Mentors/Coaches selected?
Each mentor/coach will complete an application and interview process. Background checks may be conducted.

Campus and Community Involvement Questions

What are some of the extracurricular activities available?
EAGLE Academy students are just like all other students at Georgia Southern University and may participate in all activities that are available to university students both on and off campus. The EAGLE Academy social mentors will encourage our students to join in activities with them.
Are internships available?
Yes. Internships are a required component of the EAGLE Academy program. The internships allow for valuable work experience. Internships are chosen based upon student interests.

Last updated: 1/22/2019

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