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M.Ed. Course Descriptions

ELEM 7230 – Advanced Language Arts Methods (3)

Designed to build on the graduate students’ knowledge of materials and methods of teaching language and literacy in the P-5 classroom. Students will examine issues related to language arts instruction and the theoretical background and research base related to these issues. Prerequisite(s): ECED 7132, EDUF 7130, and EDUR 7130, or permission of program.

ELEM 7233 – Teaching Writing in the Elementary School (3)

This course provides students the opportunity for an in-depth examination of both the process and products of writing in P-5 schools.  Students will explore the current trends and issues related to the teaching of writing in the elementary school including curriculum and assessment.

ELEM 7234 – Teaching Communication Across Cultures( 3)

This course explores the principles of culture and addresses communication among educators and students, including youth at-risk, students in poverty, and English language learners.  This course requires a field placement.

ELEM 7330 – Advanced Math Methods (3)

This course is designed to provide an extension of mathematical knowledge base acquired at the undergraduate level that is necessary to provide a firm foundation for mathematics instruction for students in elementary school.  Emphasis will be on planning for differentiated instructional strategies and utilizing a wide variety of resources in implementing standards based mathematics instruction. Prerequisite(s): a minimum grade of “C” in EDUR 7130 or EDUF 7130 or ECED 7132.

ELEM 7430 – Advanced Science Methods (3)

This is an advanced course in science instructional methodology and inquire-based instruction in the elementary classroom.  Emphasizes current issues and trends in science education. Prerequisite(s): A minimum grade of “C” in EDUR 7130 or EDUF 7130 or ECED 7132.

ELEM 7530 – Advanced Social Studies Methods (3)

An advanced course in social studies instructional methodology and inquiry in the elementary classroom.  Critical components and theoretical foundations of the social studies curriculum will be investigated.  Concepts, skills, and attitudes associated with elementary school social studies will be discussed in conjunction with various teaching methods, models, and materials considered developmentally appropriate and effective for diverse learners in the elementary classroom.  Prerequisite(s): A minimum grade of “C” in ECED 7132, or EDUF 7130, or EDUR 7130, or permission of instructor.

EDUF 7150 – Learning Theories and Assessment (3)

Examines the principles and theories of learning that serve as the basis for educational models, practice, and assessment. Special emphasis is given to recent empirical findings and to practical applications and theory to elementary school settings. Learning theories and assessment practices are integrated to teach students to make informed instructional decisions and enhance student learning.  The course focuses on the application of content to authentic learning experiences in elementary school classrooms.  This course requires a field placement.

EDUR 7140 – Action Research Elementary Settings (3)

This course is a graduate-level survey of action research methods with an emphasis on fundamental comprehension of educational research for ready application and transfer to elementary education settings.

ITEC 8231 Transforming Learning with Technology (3)

This course is a critical examination of the role of instructional design and technology in the teaching and learning process.  It features a review of quantitative and qualitative research relevant to the students’ area of interest with regards to the impact of technology on student learning.  Students will create a technology-enhanced unit based on Universal Design and instructional technology principles.

Last updated: 11/11/2019