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School Psychology

Georgia Southern's program is approved by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP).

The Georgia Southern University School Psychology program provides training to serve children and adolescents with learning, behavioral, or emotional problems in educational settings. After successful completion of 36 hours of coursework and passing a written comprehensive examination, students may be awarded an interim M.Ed. degree and continue in the program to complete the remaining requirements of the Ed.S. degree.

Professional entry-level in the field of school psychology requires Professional Level Six (S-6) Certification which is acquired after successful completion of the prescribed Ed.S. program of study and a passing score on the GACE examination in school psychology. Practical instruction increases throughout the program and culminates in a one-year full-time internship as a school psychologist.

A Career in School Psychology in Georgia

School psychologists work in educational settings to help children deal with emotional, academic, and social problems. School psychologists have a great deal of autonomy in their roles.  Some common roles are counseling, crisis intervention, consultation, psycho-educational assessment, social skills training, advocacy, behavioral interventions, academic interventions and research.

According to US News and World Report, school psychology ranks as one of the best careers for 2012. lists school psychology as the second fastest growing job in psychology. In addition, they note, “The demand for qualified school psychologists exceeds the number of candidates available, which means that job opportunities are plentiful.” The Bureau of Labor Statistics from the United States Department of Labor predicts employment growth of 22% by 2020 which is faster than average for all occupations. They also explain that the employment prospects are best for those with an Ed.S. or doctoral degree in school psychology. lists school psychology as one of the best jobs in psychology.