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Resources for Faculty & Staff

Essential Services Information for All Faculty/Staff – Transition information for the new Georgia Southern University
25Live (Room Request)
COE Committees
COE Evidence Room
COE Unit Assessment & Accreditation
Degree Works
Faculty Grant Opportunities
Faculty Senate
*Centralized service desk, operates as a hub for technology information and assistance for the Georgia Southern Statesboro, Armstrong and Liberty campuses”
COE Vehicle Request Form
Graduate Field Experience Procedures & Placement Request Form
IRC Poster Printer Request Form (COE)
iPad Mobile Cart Request Form (COE)
Work Request Form (COE)  
IRC Technology/Lab Reservations   website
Request Authority to Travel
Facilities and Classroom Descriptions Room Request – Create an event in 25Live
Travel Expense Statement
Guides, Policies and References
COE Unit Assessment
Course Catalogs
Educator Preparation – BOR Principles
Faculty Handbook
Graduate Policies
Syllabus Guide
Smart Classrooms User Information
Instructional Resources Center
Library Liaison
Tenure and Promotion
Promotion and Tenure Guidance and Calendar
(my.georgiasouthern login required)
      2019-2020 Tenure and Promotion Calendar
      2019-2020 Post-Tenure Calendar
      2019-2020 Pre-Tenure Calendar
Tenure, Promotion and Welfare Committee
Tenure and Promotion Appeals Committee

Last updated: 3/12/2019