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Resources for Faculty & Staff

Websites Website Link
Essential Services Information for All Faculty/Staff
25Live (Room Request)
COE Committees
COE Evidence Room
COE Unit Assessment & Accreditation
Degree Works
Faculty Grant Opportunities
Faculty Senate
*Centralized service desk, operates as a hub for technology information and assistance for the Georgia Southern Statesboro, Armstrong and Liberty campuses”
Forms Form Links
COE Vehicle Request Form
Graduate Field Experience Procedures & Placement Request Form
IRC Poster Printer Request Form (COE)
iPad Mobile Cart Request Form (COE)
Work Request Form (COE)  
IRC Technology/Lab Reservations   website
Request Authority to Travel
Facilities and Classroom Descriptions Room Request – Create an event in 25Live
Travel Expense Statement
Guides, Policies and References Guides/Policy Links
COE Unit Assessment
Course Catalogs
Educator Preparation – BOR Principles
Faculty Handbook
Graduate Policies
Syllabus Guide
Services Services Links
Smart Classrooms User Information
Instructional Resources Center
Library Liaison
Tenure and Promotion Tenure and Promotion Links
Promotion and Tenure Guidance and Calendar
(my.georgiasouthern login required)
      2019-2020 Tenure and Promotion Calendar
      2019-2020 Post-Tenure Calendar
      2019-2020 Pre-Tenure Calendar
Tenure, Promotion and Welfare Committee
Tenure and Promotion Appeals Committee

Last updated: 7/12/2019