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Virtual Simulation Resources-Mursion

Mursion offers real-time scenarios that prepare students for high-stakes, make-it-or-break-it moments that happen every day on the job. It’s a safe space to practice and learn from mistakes. This blend of technology and human performance creates a highly realistic training environment that mimics the real-world challenges educators will face every day in the school setting. 

Facilitator Request

The Facilitator schedules, runs, manages and launches Mursion virtual simulation sessions. 

For information about serving as a facilitator and gaining access of the Mursion Portal, see the Mursion facilitator guide. To request access to be a facilitator in the Mursion portal, please fill out this form. After submitting the Facilitator Request Form, you will receive a registration email from Mursion ( to register for the Mursion Portal. Click on the registration link to open and follow the prompts to create a new password and set up your profile information. The registration link will expire in 60 days.

Simulation Lab Request

To reserve one of our  simulation labs (Armstrong UH 202 and Statesboro COE 1126), please complete our  Simulation Lab Request Form with your preferred lab room, date and time of your live simulation session scheduled with Mursion, and upload student emails  if you have not already provided.

Additional Resources

Things to Remember

  • Review the Mursion Facilitator Guide.
  • Complete the Facilitator Request Form to gain access to the Mursion portal.
  • Complete the Simulation Lab Request Form to reserve the lab for your scheduled live simulation. Schedule in the Mursion Portal before reserving the simulation lab.
  • Sessions must be cancelled up to one week prior to delivery to avoid charges.
  • The simulation lab room maximum capacity is six students for UH 202 and eight students for COE 1126.

Last updated: 5/20/2022