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International Study Opportunities

Wexford, Ireland, Study Abroad Opportunity Summer 2022!

COE Faculty in Ireland

Would you like to travel to Ireland this Summer? –
Are you an education major? If so, this opportunity may be for you!

Enroll in one or two College of Education summer courses (either 3 or 6 credit hours in specific course offerings) and spend part of the summer with us in Wexford, Ireland. Open to 32 undergraduate and graduate students, the program opens for two weeks online or hybrid before heading to Georgi Southern University’s stunning learning facility in Wexford Town. The program will provide experiences related to special education and/or cultural diversity .

For more information, please visit the Office of Global Engagement website and view the Education option or view the Wexford Study Abroad Brochure (pdf)

Please see the course offerings listed below.

Courses Offerings

  • SPED 3130 Learners with Disabilities
  • SPED 3331 Intro to Special Education
  • SPED 3332 Intro to Special Education (Middle & Secondary)
  • SPED 6130 Introduction to Special Education (Graduate)
  • TCLD 4231 Cultural Diversity & ESOL/TCLD
  • TCLD 6231 Cultural Diversity & ESOL/TCLD (Graduate)

International Study Opportunity returning Spring 2023!!

* The International Study Opportunity is currently suspended, but will resume Spring 2023. Please refer to this page for future updates. 

International Clinical Practice 

 Goals: The goals of the ISO program include the following:
  1. To demonstrate the interrelatedness of diverse populations (locally, regionally, nationally, and globally).
  2. To gain a broader perspective on diverse learners, curriculum, and school settings.
  3. To apply teaching and learning research and theory.
Description: The ISO Option includes three components:
  1. An accelerated traditional (total of 11 weeks) student teaching experience during which time the student teacher must (a) complete a minimum of four-weeks of successful full-day teaching, (b) complete all program-specific student teacher requirements, (c) earn a satisfactory performance in the accelerated student teaching experience.
  2. A four-week international student teaching experience during which time the student teacher must complete a set of ISO competency assignments at a satisfactory level. See the ISO Admission Instructions for a list of program requirements.

International Course Work

With our Georgia Southern Campus in Wexford Ireland, and connections with the University of Bohemia in the Czech Republic many study abroad opportunities that align with required coursework are available. Please contact Alisa Leckie for further information and availability,

Last updated: 3/24/2022