Courtesy Placement Policy

 Courtesy Placement Policy for Active Duty Military and/or Spouse

The College of Education at Georgia Southern University has identified a 70 mile radius service region of each Georgia Southern campus as the geographical area in which all field placements and clinical practice will take place. Upon entrance into a teacher education program at Georgia Southern University, teacher candidates acknowledge that they will complete all field experiences, including clinical practice, within the 70 mile radius service area. The College of Education will only consider a courtesy placement for active duty military personnel or their spouse for the final semester, clinical practice. A teacher candidate requesting a courtesy placement must have met all requirements for Admission to clinical practice. In addition, the following criteria must be met:

  • Earned 3.0 GPA in all professional coursework.
  • Earned a grade of B or higher in all required field experiences prior to clinical practice.
  • Successfully completed all program assessments required prior to clinical practice.
  • Passed all required assessments leading to certification, except edTPA, which will be completed during clinical practice.
  • Provide written official documentation (PSC orders) that the military is requiring the move to an area outside of the Georgia Southern 70 mile radius service region effective prior to the clinical practice semester .

NOTE:  Candidates attempting clinical practice for a second time do not qualify to be granted a courtesy placement.  Candidates attempting clinical practice a second time must do so within the 70 mile radius service area of Georgia Southern University.

Courtesy Placement Application Process

The teacher candidate seeking a clinical practice placement outside the Georgia Southern University service area must submit a Courtesy Placement Application to the Director/Coordinator of Field Experiences and Clinical Practice on the campus where they are completing course work. The application must be submitted electronically. The approval process will follow these steps:

  • The application will be reviewed by the Director/Coordinator to determine that all required criteria are met.
  • Applications meeting all criteria will be forwarded to the teacher candidate’s academic program director and the chair of the appropriate department for review and approval. The program director and department chair will review and consider the merit of the request based on the teacher candidate’s rationale for the request, performance in prior field experiences, and academic record.
  • The program decision with justification will be sent in writing to the Director/Coordinator of Field Experiences and Clinical Practice.
  • The teacher candidate will be informed of the program’s decision in writing within 15 business days of submission.

Requirements for Candidates Approved for 

Courtesy Placement for Active Duty Military and/or Spouse

Teacher candidates approved for a courtesy placement must agree to the following:

  • Meet all program requirements for clinical practice as outlined by program syllabus and packet.
  • Submit an edTPA portfolio per program requirements meeting all established deadlines. Teacher candidate agrees to participate in all program edTPA support sessions electronically (Google Hangout, Skype, etc.).
  • Provide the Director/Coordinator of Field Experiences and Clinical Practice with the name of a GaPSC approved or CAEP/NCATE accredited university/college (no on-line institution). The name of the contact person from the institution that is willing to facilitate a placement and provide face-to- face supervision for the teacher candidate for the clinical practice. The institution must agree to follow all Georgia Southern University program requirements, expectations, and evaluations of clinical practice.
  • The teacher candidate is responsible for providing any information requested by the prospective university/college.
  • Candidate will provide the Director/Coordinator of Field Experiences and Clinical Practice the name of the school and system, clinical supervisor, and university supervisor identified by host institution. This information will be included on an electronic form and submitted as directed.
  • The teacher candidate will pay tuition and fees required by Georgia Southern University. The teacher candidate may be charged additional fees from the host institution. It is the candidate’s responsibility to pay these additional fees, and the fees must be paid directly to the host university/college.


Courtesy Placement Application for Active Duty Military and/or Spouse

This application must be completed and submitted with the required clinical practice application. Teacher candidates must meet all requirements specified in the Courtesy Placement Policy. Approved courtesy placements are contingent on the teacher candidate receiving a grade of B or higher in the final field experience prior to clinical practice.


Teacher Candidate Name ______________________________________________________


Teacher Candidate Eagle ID ____________________________________________________


Teacher Candidate Email Address _______________________________________________


Academic Program ______________________ Semester Clinical Practice ______________


Campus on which you attend class _______________________________________________

Provide a professional rationale why a placement in a school within the 70 mile radius of Georgia Southern University campus will create a hardship for you during your final semester in the teacher preparation program. Include required official documentation (PSC orders).


Courtesy Placement for Active Duty Military and/or Spouse

Information Form

I have been approved for a courtesy placement for clinical practice.  I have made the following arrangements.


Teacher Candidate’s Name ______________________________ Eagle ID _________________


Academic Major ____________________Semester Student Teaching/Internship______________


E-mail Address ________________________________ Cell Phone Number ____________________


GaPSC/CAEP/NCATE Accredited University ________________________________________________


Host University Director of Field Experiences _________________________________________


Director’s Phone Number _______________________  Email Address _____________________


School Placement Site _____________________ School System__________________________


Clinical Supervisor (classroom teacher) _____________________________________________


Placement InformationGrade level ________________     Content Area ________________

I understand that the College of Education of Georgia Southern University is not responsible for facilitating a courtesy placement.  The Director of Field Experiences & Clinical Practice will support the candidate’s placement by providing information requested by the host university.


_________________________________                         ______________________

Teacher Candidate’s Signature                                                        Date

Last updated: 10/30/2018

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