Contact With School Personnel

Only designated staff in the office of field experiences may contact school personnel to establish placements. Our teacher candidates may not be participants in establishing placements. There are two possibilities of contact persons in schools: principal/principal designee or Clinical Associates. For schools in which there are Clinical Associates, the associate is the contact. For schools in which there is not a clinical associate, the principal/principal designee is the contact person.  The contact person in the school, and not an individual classroom teacher, is the initial person with whom communication is established. Since many schools host a variety of field experiences, it is essential that opening communication be with the contact person. This will help to prevent field experience overload in any one classroom.

Communication with the school’s contact person to begin the field experience placement process generally takes place the semester prior to the anticipated beginning of the experience. Communication regarding a few field experiences will take place early in the semester in which the experience is anticipated to begin.  This time frame is essential in allowing the contact person ample time to communicate with teachers about the request.

Last updated: 10/31/2019

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