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Graduate Academic Services Center

About the Center

The College of Education’s Graduate Academic Services Center (GASC) exists to represent and comprehensively support College of Education graduate programs and their students. The Center enhances the graduate experience for prospective and enrolled graduate students through all phases, from the application through graduation.

Services provided:

  • Initial point of contact for prospective students
  • Assists the university-level Office of Graduate Admissions with completing graduate applications (background checks).
  • Maintains specialist (Ed.S. ) thesis and defense forms
  • Maintains doctoral programs (Ed.D) student files
  • Responsible for routing doctoral progression forms
  • Assists Program Coordinators with processing students’ admission
  • Processes Alternative-6 Certification forms prior to submission to the College of Graduate Studies
  • Provides recruitment supplies to graduate faculty attending recruitment events
  • Represents COE graduate programs at recruitment events and school system visits

The Center also provides faculty support through collecting, processing, and consolidating assessment data for all College of Education graduate programs. The Center is responsible to the Associate Dean for Curriculum, Instruction, and Initial Educator Preparation

Graduate Advisement

College of Education Graduate students are assigned a faculty advisor or a professional advisor in the Graduate Academic Services Center (GASC).

Advisement takes place in the advisor’s office or by telephone, mail, or e-mail, as appropriate. Since the College’s programs are developed to enable students to meet the certification requirements of the Georgia Professional Standards Commission, it is critical that students converse with their advisors to plan their programs of study before the completion of 12 semester hours. Students should also consult their graduate advisor for information on any exit comprehensive assessment (if required) for the M.Ed. or Ed.S. program.

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