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Current Students

Graduate students are assigned a faculty advisor or a professional advisor in the Graduate Academic Services Center (GASC). See advising information on your program’s webpage or find your advisor’s name in WINGS by following the directions located in the frequently asked questions below.

Advisement takes place in the advisor’s office or by telephone, mail, or e-mail, as appropriate. Since many the College’s programs are developed to enable students to meet the certification requirements of the Georgia Professional Standards Commission, it is critical that students meet with their advisor to plan their programs of study. Students should also consult their graduate advisor for information on any exit comprehensive assessment (if required) for the M.Ed. or Ed.S. program.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is registration?

Registration times are different for every student and are assigned by the Office of the Registrar. To find your specific registration time visit your WINGS account.

  1. Log into your MyGeorgiaSouthern account
  2. Select “WINGS”
  3. Select “Student Records”
  4. Select “Registration”
  5. Select the term and click on “Submit Term.”
  6. Select “Check Your Registration Status, Time Slot, and More”

NOTE: TAP and GOML students’ registration times differ from other graduate students.

I’m in a fully online program, is an Immunization form required?

No; the Certificate of Immunization is not required for students enrolled in fully online programs. Contact Health Services at to have the hold removed from your account.

NOTE: Campus, hybrid and online option programs require the Certificate of Immunization.

Insurance is required for my program, where can I obtain it?

Tort liability insurance coverage is available through membership in professional organizations and student organization affiliates such as PAGE/SPAGE* and GAE/SGAE or through private homeowner’s insurance policies.

*SPAGE will offer tort liability insurance to teacher candidates only.

How do I know if a course is offered fully online?

A number of graduate-level programs and courses are offered online. See the College of Education’s Degrees & Programs webpage for links to fully online program information. You may also use the Course Search option to find course offerings for a specific term. A fully online course is identified by “F” in the section number (Ex. 01F, 02F, etc.).

Who is my advisor?

Your advisor is listed on your WINGS account. Check each semester prior to being advised as your assigned advisor may change. View your advisor through WINGS by doing the following:

  1. Log into your MyGeorgiaSouthern account and click on “WINGS”
  2. Select the “Student Services and Financial Aid” area
  3. Select “Registration”
  4. Select “View Student Information and Assigned Advisor”

Where do I find my RAN number?

You must have your RAN (Registration Access Number) before registering in WINGS. Students have a different RAN for each semester. Graduate students will receive their RAN via MyGeorgiaSouthern – after logging in, find the link labeled “Lookup RAN”.

What do I do if I get a registration error?

Visit the Office of the Registrar’s registration error website for a list of common errors students receive during registration and solutions.

I was a student but took time off. What do I need to do to re-enter my program of study?

A student who does not enroll for three or more consecutive semesters must re-apply to (and be accepted into) a graduate program before being considered for re-entry.

How do I access my online classes?

Classes are located within your Folio account in MyGeorgiaSouthern. To find more information on how to get started with Folio visit If you are in a GOML program, you will instead access your courses through GoView – contact your advisor for more information about that interface.

I cannot see my classes in Folio, what should I do?

Please contact your instructor because they have to activate your Folio class before it shows up under your Folio.

How do I apply for graduation?

Visit the Office of the Registrar’s Graduation Information website for more information. A Graduation Checklist can also be found on the College of Graduate Studies website. You can apply for graduation in your WINGS account.

How do I receive my certificate upgrade or endorsement?

If you are a Master of Arts in Teaching student, you will receive an email towards the end of your final term with instructions for your certification process. Other graduate students (Master’s, Specialist, Doctoral, endorsements) will need to visit the Certification Paperwork Process website for more information.

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Last updated: 7/28/2022