ico-style1First point of contact for prospective students

ico-style1Assists the university-level Office of Graduate Admissions with completing graduate applications (background checks)

ico-style1Maintains specialist (Ed.S.) thesis and defense forms

ico-style1Maintains doctoral programs (Ed.D.) student files

ico-style1Responsible for routing doctoral progression forms

ico-style1Manages doctoral information databases

ico-style1Assists Program Coordinators with processing students’ admission

ico-style1Processes Alternative-6 Certification forms prior to submission to the College of Graduate Studies

ico-style1Provides recruitment supplies to graduate faculty attending recruitment events

ico-style1Represents COE graduate programs at recruitment events and school system visits

Last updated: 1/23/2018

Graduate Academic Services Center • P.O. Box 8083 • (912) 478-1447 •