Off-Campus/Online Programs and Courses


A number of graduate-level programs and courses are offered online or at off-campus locations. See the College of Education’s Off-campus Program Delivery Plan for locations where specific graduate programs are offered regularly. Also, see the Degrees & Programs webpage for links to fully online program information.

Finding Courses Offered Off-Campus (at Sites or Online)

“Course Search”

    • to find off-campus and online courses offered for a specific term.
    • • The course “Section” indicates the location of a course. (Ex: SA=Savannah).
    • • A fully online course is identified by “F” in the section number. (Ex: 01F, 02F, etc.)
    • • A hybrid/partial course uses a combination of face-to-face classroom instruction and online technologies and is identified by “H” or “P” in the section number. (Examples: 01P, 02P, 01H, 02H, etc.)
    • • A Georgia ONmyLINE (GOML) course is identified by “Y” in the section number. (Examples: Y01, Y02, etc.)
Curriculum/Program Requirements

Candidates completing programs and courses off campus are required to complete the same admission and retention requirements, course requirements, field experience requirements, program outcomes, and key performance assessments as candidates completing the program on the Statesboro campus. Requirements for using the assessment system are the same as for students on the Statesboro campus.


Faculty teaching off-campus and online courses are full-time faculty members who teach the equivalent courses in the Statesboro programs, as well as qualified part-time faculty of the COE department offering the program/course. Faculty teaching off campus attend regular faculty meetings for the department offering the program/course.

Field Experiences

Field experiences for candidates completing an off-campus program are equivalent to the field experiences in the Statesboro program. The coordinators of field experiences in Statesboro are responsible for ensuring that candidates in off-campus programs meet the same criteria applied to the candidates on campus, including diverse field sites and grade levels as appropriate.



Graduate candidates completing programs/courses off campus are advised by full-time professional advisors in the Graduate Academic Services Center or by faculty members in the COE department offering the candidate’s program.

Last updated: 12/20/2017

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